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Court Hierarchy

No description

Mathew Lever

on 1 July 2011

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Transcript of Court Hierarchy

Court Hierarchy Objective individuals are aware of their rights and have access to the machinery provided to settle disputes
disputes are settled quickly and efficiently in a geographically convenient location
the processes involved in settling claims and allegations are not too expensive
the machiner provided allows disputes to be settled fairly and consistently according to recognised and accepted procedures
there is a right of appeal for disatisfied litigants
such disputes are heard by appropriate bodies and processed with the due consideration and formality demanded by the nature of the case
appropriate physical conditions and facilities are available to efficiently cope with the workload and provide a suitable environment for the resolution of claims or allegations Provides avenues for appeal
control of the lower courts by the higher courts
specialisation of responsibility, personnel and procedures
appropriate consideration to be given to each particular type of case
consistency and fairness
cheaper and geographically more convenient access to the system Problems slow costly inapporpriate Response Tribunals more accessible less expensive less formal Alternative Dispute Resolution Reduction in costs time delays complicated legal procedures strict rules of evidence formality stress publicity
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