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Intro Cards - The Plan

No description

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Intro Cards - The Plan

Sales Pitch
Intro Cards - The Plan
Card No.
Concept / Use Case
Unique Prezi Feature

The Meeting
The worthy
Prezi is better
Prezi helps you stand out
Prezi sets you apart
Prezi gets your message across
Unique Prezi Value
The Zoom
The overview

There's also the novelty too, but this won't last forever. So we can talk about the fact that it's a departure from before but not much more
Possible Features
Branding / Logo / RGB / CSS

Unique Prezi Value
Possible Features
Unique Prezi Value
Possible Features
Unique Prezi Value
Possible Features
Showing the whole picture
Be understood
Prezi helps you to explain complex information in an engaging way
Going back and forth (Non-linear)
Point and click
Remote Presentation
Google Image search

Easier meetings
More effective meetings
Prezi solves geography
Prezi breaks through
the language barrier
Company Desc.
Synopsis of use case

We used Prezi to increase our sales by 30%
We use Prezi to train everyone
"People understand better when they can see the whole picture. This is what Prezi allows us to do. Sometimes, I have a lot of material to get through, and this can be intimidating if you're taking a training course. Prezi has changed that."
Click here to see Crunch's sales prezi
Click here to see Box's training prezi
"Prezi has made our jobs easier and our world smaller."
"We have offices and clients around the world operating to really tight deadlines. Sometimes a manager in Asia might need to quickly present information to a team in Europe. Prezi not only allows us to do that, it does it in a way that is easy to understand and beautiful too."
Click here to see how you can use Prezi to present quickly and simply to the other side of the world.
Click here to see learn more about collaborating with prezi
Have better meetings
1. Share the link to your prezi.
2. Work together in
real time.
3. Present remotely to
up to thirty people
Learn more about collaboration in Prezi.
Prezi helped us make a real difference
"Stories are still the most powerful way to effect people. And there's no other presentation tool that allows you to tell a more engaging story than Prezi."
Click here to see the power of a story told in Prezi
Click here to see the No Fire Zone prezi.
Next Level:
Take the Transitions Tutorial
Get all your information across
Template Thumbnail
Add your content to the frames
Set the order on your path
Next Level:
Take the Transitions Tutorial
Tell a story they'll remember
Metaphor Thumbnail
When an audience sees a visual metaphor, they'll remember you better
Choose your metaphor
Add your content to the frames
See your audience's reaction
Boost your numbers with a Prezi sales pitch
Template Thumbnail
Utilizando Prezi hemos incrementado nuestras ventas un 30%
"Permite a nuestros vendedores mostrar a los potenciales clientes como todos los elementos de la franquicia Crush funcionan como uno solo.
Podemos entonces acercarnos a los detalles, si quieren conocernos en profundidad.
Y como podemos tener los prezis en nuestros iPads, nos lanzamos en cualquier momento y lugar"
Click para ver el prezi de ventas de Crunch's
Tu lanzamiento de las ventas
Template Thumbnail
Añade tu texto
Añade tu contenido
Construye la estructura adecuada para conseguir que tu mensaje se transmita
Aqui todos utilizamos Prezi para aprender y enseñar
"La gente lo entiende mejor cuando puede tener una vision general, y esto es lo que Prezi nos permite.
Antes, cuando tenía mucho que enseñar temía intimidar a los asistentes al curso. Pero eso ha cambiado gracias a Prezi."
Click aqui para ver el curso de Box en prezi
Siguiente nivel
Tutorial sobre transiciones
Transmite tu informacion
Template Thumbnail
Añade tu contenido a los marcos
Establece el orden en el camino
"Prezi ha hecho nuestros trabajos mas sencillos y nuestro mundo mas pequeño."
"Tenemos oficinas y clientes alrededor del mundo operando con margenes de tiempo muy pequeños.
A veces un manager en Asia necesita presentar rapidamente informacion a un equipo en Europa.
Prezi no solo permite esto sino que lo hace de una forma facil de entender y muy estetica."
Click aqui para descubrir como presentar rapidamente y de forma sencilla en el otro lado del mundo.
Click aqui para saber mas sobre como colaborar en prezi
1. Comparte el enlace a tu prezi
Al otro lado de la habitacion, o del mundo
2. Trabajad juntos en tiempo real
3. Presenta de forma remota para hasta treinta personas
Siguiente Nivel
Tutorial de colaboracion
Prezi nos ha ayudado a marcar la diferencia
"Las historias son la mejor forma de causar una impresion en la gente. Y no existe ninguna otra herramienta de presentacion que permita contar una historia como Prezi."
Click aqui para conocer el poder de una historia contada en Prezi
Click aqui para ver el Prezi No Fire Zone
Siguiente Nivel:
Tutorial sobre transiciones
Cuenta una historia que recuerden
Metaphor Thumbnail
Cuando la audiencia ve una metafora visual, te recordaran mejor
Elige tu metafora
Añade contenifo a tus marcos
Disfruta la reaccion de tu audiencia
This is cool! I would just adjust the sentence "Sometimes I have a lot to teach people, and this can be intimidating for people on training courses" - it's a little unclear.

Customer Changes
"It allows us to show prospective franchise partners how all of the elements of the Crunch franchise opportunity work as one. The transition effects and the ability to zoom into important points keeps our prospects captivated and focused on key business points. And because we can sync our Prezis to our iPads we can present at trade shows, in a lobby, on a plane...basically anywhere, anytime."
Customer Changes:
"It allows us to show clients how all of the elements of the Crunch franchise opportunity work as one. The ability to zoom into important points keeps our audience captivated and focused on key business points. And because we can sync our Prezis to our iPads we can present at trade shows, in a lobby, on a plane...basically anywhere, anytime."
First Design Preview
Use a predesigned Prezi template like this one to structure your ideas and wow your audience.
Get Started
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