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Eric Wurmnest

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Eric Wurmnest

Chapter 1
In chapter one, this chapter talks about depression,
Black Tuesday, and Black Thursday. Francis is at her hoouse with her dad. Her dad was mad because he lost his buisness. That night, her dad shot himself and committed suicide. Frankie became an orphan.
Chapter 2-3
Frankie lives in Philadelphia but the banker came over to tell Francis that she has to move to Chiacago and live with her aunt. Junius, the gardner, wanted to be a bo. The banker told Francis to be out of the house that next day.
Chapter 4-5
Francis was thinking about being a hobo with Junius. When she woke up she didn't want to leave. When she got on the train she wanted to go back. She lied so she could go back. She went into a land that said no trespassing. Francis hopped on a train and got caught. She helped two other men get on and not get caught.
Chapters 6-7
Chapters 8-10
They were in Philadelphia. At that time Herburt Hoover was the president. Frankie and Stewpot Got off the train and went into a jungle. They met more hoboes and they stayed together ever since they met.
Stewpot and Frankie are still in the jungle. Omaha Red, Slim Jim, and Spit left to hop a train. Frankie couldn't find her bag when she woke up. They were all searching for her bag. They found it but it wasn't where Frankie left it. The bag was a lot farther than where she left it. Later that day they hopped a train and left the jungle.
Chapter 14-16
They are still on the train. Stewpot asked Frankie where she wanted to go. She said anywhere but Chicago. Stewpot pulled out this box. It was a cigar box that he made. Stewpot taught Frankie how to do whittlin. Stewpot had a friend named Murph. He didn't want to talk about him. When Stewpot sold one of hid cigar boxes, he got two dollars for it. Two dollars is a lot for a hobo.
Chapters 17-26
Stepot an Frankie met new hoboes and stayed with them for awhile. Frankie tild Stewpot that she was a girl. On the whole trip he knew because of the way she acted. Stewpot was still not feeling well. Frankie wanted to take Stewpot to her Aunts house but he refused. Stewpot died but Frankie didn't believe he was gone. They buried Stewpot and Frankie was headed back to Chicago. She wanted to live with her Aunt and start a new life. She still felt a little bit of Frankie Blue in her.
By: Eric Wurmnest
"Nowhere to Call Home"
Francis went to a shop and got clothes fro boys. She even cut her hair to look like one. She was in the freight yard and hopped a train.
Chapters 11-13
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