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Mexico City bets on tap water law to change habit. By: Grace

No description

Grace Enwald

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Mexico City bets on tap water law to change habit. By: Grace

Mexico has horrible tap water
In 1985, there was an earthquake.
The result; having tap water and sewage water to be mixed
2 dollars
5 dollars
Mexico City needs to get better tap water. By: Grace Enwald
Critical Thinking/ Global Impact
Impacts parts Mexico.
The tourists might not want to come to Mexico city any more
probably lose money.
The water might have a impact on the US because where else to get water that's close to Mexico?
So, Mexico could get clean water from the US.
First Theme Of Geography
Human Environment Interactions
High Price of water bottles
Tourisist are a big problem
Second Theme Of Geography
Relative Location: By Guatemala and Belize.
Absolute Location: 19 degrees north and 99 degrees west.
Because lots of people from around the world go to Mexico City
It is a very large city with tons of people.
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