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Women Portrayed in Disney Films

No description

Allie Wrich

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Women Portrayed in Disney Films

Allie Wrich and Colleen Koepke Happily Ever After... Pretty
Damsel in distress
Courted by a Prince Charming and finds
true love
Some sort of guidance
Good singers Tropes in Disney Women The Stereotypical
Disney Princess New Age
Women in Disney In this movie, Merida, the main character and princess, is the definition of a real women with her own life plan. She doesn't follow the traditional stereotype of a Disney Princess. She doesn't conform to the traditions of a women, overall shes not a typical Disney Princess. Women's role in todays society has changed and so are Disney princess character roles. BRAVE "Princess and The Frog" Princess Tiana
Tiana has a dream to open her own restaurant. She has to overcome obstacles by herself without any help, unlike any traditional Disney princess. Tiana These characters depicted in the classic Disney princess movies all have a certain stereotype. They all have common characteristics and similar plots to overcome an obstacle then live happily ever after. The theme for every movie is how a pretty girl came along, made a distinct change on someones life, then lived happily ever after in a life of luxury. Their lives are very unrealistic but all desired by the people around them. The Depiction of
Women in Disney New movies have bolder, stronger
independent princesses. Traditional Trope
Has Changed The traditional trope has been a princess with a predictable and simple life with plenty of helpers in her mission of success. But the mold is broken with these new movies and messages that are portrayed. Now the message isn't that you have to be beautiful and perfect but to be independent, follow your dreams and be true to yourself.
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