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What kinds of food were planted?

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Deja Moss

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of What kinds of food were planted?

What kinds of food were planted/eaten?
What foods grew in the wild?
The kinds of food that grew in the wild were: almonds,figs,walnuts,grapes and olives.
Where was food stored?
Wine,water and oil were stored in large pottery jars or bottles. Fish was dried and preserved in jars or bottles. Grain was bought and ground into flour for bread nearly every day. It was then stored in barns or on farms.
Were animals used as food or to produce food?
What tools did they use for eating/creating food?
What months were best for planting? When was the food harvested?
What was the most important crop?
Grain was the most important crop. Wheat was grown in the few areas where the soil was good. Barley was grown in many places , the seeds were soaked in water, then cooked as porridge or soup.
How was the food cooked?
The greeks cooked over an open fire, or in the oven. Ovens were mostly used for bread though. Most cooking, roasting, grilling and boiling or baking in pots was done on metal grills over an open fire. This is done inside or outside depending on the weather.
Goats were used for milk and cheese, chicken were kept for eggs but, they were eaten when they couldn't lay anymore. The greeks also only ate chicken or goat on ceremonial days when they were sacrificed. They also used fish everyday, as well as octopi,squid and shellfish.
October was when grain was planted and it was harvested in May. Olives and grapes were harvested in September.
What are ordinary meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner?
Grain,fruit and vegetables were grown on flat land around the cities, but they couldn't grow enough, especially with how big Athens was. They often traded for grain and/or goods.
Hand mills, wooden tools,a hearth and a mortar and pestle were used but, the greeks more commonly ate with there hands so there weren't as many tools.

Breakfast was usually bread and cheese or fruit. This was also the midday meal, just maybe with some fish, or some vegetables left over from dinner the day before. Dinner was vegetables with fish or something like that.
Where was food grown?
The greeks grew: grain,fruit,olives and beans. They ate: deer,partridge,cheeses,vegetables,yogurt,soups,wine,nuts and things like that.
Shuter, Jane. "Food." Farmers & Fighters. Des Plaines,IL: Heinemann Library, 1999. N. pag.
Food In Ancient Greece
By Deja Moss
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