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Vianney d'Aldente

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Inyoung Jeon
Songhee Kim
Hyeji Choe
Marie-Gabrielle de La Fage
Vianney Dalle A large number of external elements
Dissimilar environmental elements
Elements change frequently and unpredictably --> ex: Crisis in Europe, Bangladesh’s gloomy economy, a low exchange rate of the yen "Bons Amis" 2013 Organization Management CONTENTS Global Introduction of KOTRA

Organization Overview

Unique Organizational Characteristics of KOTRA

Advantages / Disadvantages

Interview Results

Suggestions Introduction KOTRA: Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency Trade promotion Investment between domestic and foreign companies Support for industrial technology cooperation Currently operating Invest KOREA, the national investment promotion agency Organization Overview Divisional Structure Functional Structure Hybrid Structure Assessing External
Environment: Uncertainty Advantages Advantages / Disadvantages The Foreign Investment Ombudsman Was created as a non-profit organization in 1999
Helps foreign-invested organization resolve difficulties in Korea "Home Doctor System" Finance, Taxation Accounting, labor etc The Auditor Foreign Branches Geographical Divisional Structure Strengths 1) Suited for fast changes in an unstable and
unpredictable environment
2) Allows each unit to adapt to different areas
3) Decentralizes decision-making
4) Provides more accurate information on each area Unique Organizational Characteristics of KOTRA Weakness 1) Leads to poor coordination across each departments Suggestions Disadvantages Flexibility and adaptability along with coordination (across functions) and clear contact points Poor horizontal coordination and restricted view of overall goals Hybrid structure- In-depth knowledge and specialty in each department Foreign branches- Functional structure- 9 geographical headquarters,
119 branches Interview Results Dimensions of Organizational Design Purpose Environment Size Technology Culture Structure A Global Business Platform for the Future of Korea Vision Rapidly
changing To make
employees feel a sense of
belonging -Market surveys
-Investment promotion
-Industrial cooperation projects Large
(worldwide) Hierarchy Specialization Formalization Centralization :High :High :High :Low Strategy Typology: Miles and Snow's Prospector: Values Creativity, Risk taking To further expand Korea’s trade sector, KOTRA
seeks new export companies
seeks new future markets and business areas
has plans about infrastructural support to strengthen the global competitiveness Four models of
Effectiveness values F
S STRUCTURE External Internal Control Flexibility
Open Systems Model

Goal values: growth, resource acquisition

Subgoals: flexibility, readiness,
external evaluation Rational Goal Model

Goal values: productivity, efficiency,
Subgoals: planning, goal setting
Internal Process Model

Goal values: stability, equilibrium

Subgoals: information management,
communication Human Relations Model

Goal values: human resource development

Subgoals: cohesion, morale, training Find a specialized department outside of the organization

With the organization, raise awareness of world economy so that it can cope with fluctuating environments effectively

Can help both domestic and foreign companies come up with useful common strategies Monitors operation in each business
Gathers and shares information on its management
Resolves the problem it is facing
Puts a lot of efforts to ensure specialty, morality, and independence of the auditor’s office Thank you for your attention What kind of organizational approach does KOTRA have, a top-down or bottom-up?
Does KOTRA have competitors in Korea or abroad?

Domestically, we’re the only national trade-investment promotion agency, so no competition. Internationally, nations compete to draw foreign investment, so do their investment promotion agencies. So organizations like JETRO (Japan’s agency) and TAITRA (Taiwan’s agency) could be considered our competitors. "It would be more of a top-down approach. But employees at every level are encouraged to take the initiative and be innovative, so change can happen and be started at all levels." Young Chang
An executive consultant on Invest Korea’s Investment Public Relations Team Organizational Life Cycle Organizational culture <Competing value model> has open focuses
pursues flexibility and growth wide perspective, challenge spirit, professionalism
requires having global mind
provides various workshops and trainings Foreign branches- Can lead to unsatisfying coordination
across branches Welcome aboard!
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