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On Reaching the Top

No description

Risikat A

on 24 March 2017

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Transcript of On Reaching the Top

Landscape and Obstacles
Brokering and Bridge-Building
Risikat's 8 Steps to Success
5-Minute Break
"Wingman Redux"
5-Minute Break
Reaching the Top with Risikat Adesaogun
Risikat's 8 Steps to Success
Cultural Anthropology & Strategic Communication Management
5 years in the nonprofit field serving 350+ individuals and families
Organizational Communication & Intercultural Conflict
Government research
MPCA Strategic Communications
Media Relations
Icebreaker Activity
When navigating the social domain of nonprofit organizations, remember: the industry relies largely on
informal social networks
It's not
you know...
Between 70-80% of available jobs are never posted
Approx. 75% of surveyed hiring managers said they rejected millennial applicants because of
inappropriate social media photos/posts
surveyed job seekers say they found their "favorite or best" job through a personal connection
"Why should I want to know more about this person?"
"How can I enrich this exchange?"
Arts & Culture
Thank You!!
Risikat Adesaogun | risikat.adesaogun@state.mn.us
Show Up!

Volunteer for opportunities that will allow you access to the people and situations needed to advance your status in the organization
Be Aware.

Invest in protective safety measures at all times

“Always pay attention to what’s going on in the room, verbal and nonverbal. Acknowledge your part in the situation and the role you play. Be strategic in your moves” - Study Participant B
Seek Mentorship and Consult

Widen your boundaries and seek out individuals who may be willing to invest in your personal growth
Consider Your Personal Path

Be open to mobility. Consider whether the organization is in line with your own goals and ethics.
Be Proactive!

Observe the patterns of communication
between leadership professionals. Capitalize on your ability to predict organizational communication trends.

Adapt Your Communication Style

Identify ways to tailor your message to different segments of your audience.
Invest in Education

Seek out additional training to boost your individual repertoire of skills. Additionally, educate those around you.

“Give education, no matter how high up they are." - Study Participant C
Commit to Difficult Decisions.

Be aware of the trends in the field. Decide if and when it is time to leave.

"You’ve gotta ask, ‘Do I make my own product or do I keep helping you make yours?’” - Study Participant J

Minnesota's Landscape...
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN-WI
Denver, CO
Washington, DC-VA-MD-WV
Boston, MA-NH
San Francisco, CA
MN is #1 in the proportion of working adults (age 16-64)
LGBTQ+ individuals face steep barriers too...
Gay men
earn 10-32%
than their straight counterparts

Lesbian and bisexual
women earn
about the same
as straight women and
significantly less
than both gay & straight men

Transgender men
than gay men, lesbian and bisexual women;
Transgender women
less than that.
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