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Music of Peru

No description

Sheila Hinkley

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Music of Peru

Music of Peru
Drums made of Puma Skin
National Instrument: Charango
A part of the lute family
Invented during the Viceroyalty of Peru
Traditionally made with the shell of the back of an armadillo
Music of Peru
Influenced by Andean, Spanish, and African cultures
Focus on wind, rhythm and percussion instruments
Thousands of dances
Trumpets made of Strombus
Dances of Peru
Influenced by Native customs
Often signify agriculture work, hunting, and war
Types of dance differ by region
Shares Afro/Spanish influences
La Marinera is the national dance
Famous Musicians
Juan Diego Florez- Opera Singer
Grammy Award Nominee- Best Classical Performance
Italian Premio Abbiati 2000 Singer of the Year
Gran Cruz De La Orden El Sol Del Peru
Susana Baca
Latin Grammy Award Winner
Peru's Minister of Culture
Alex Acuna
One of few well known drummers.
Played with artists such as Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, and Paul McCartney
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