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OpenStreetMap - opendataweek - June 26th 2013

opendata / crowdsourcing - long term challenges

Christian Quest

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of OpenStreetMap - opendataweek - June 26th 2013

The collaborative and free
editable map of the world

The project
données transport
dans OSM
In France...
Started in 2004
Geographic data wiki
1.2+ millions user accounts signed in
+80% growth in 2012
2.1+ billions objects in the worldwide database
Transport en commun
Accessibilité PMR
200 to 300 active contributors daily
1000+ km of roads, paths added daily
OpenStreetMap France
non profit association, created in october 2011
its goal: promote OSM adoption
more than 96% main roads
Intégration dans OpenStreetMap
données importées en masse
intégrées après contrôle unitaire

harmonisation de données hétérogènes
Amélioration de données opendata
données corrigées par les contributeurs
enrichissement par de nouveaux attributs
Quelques exemples
SNCF, RFF, RATP, cadastre (bâti, routes),
adresses (Nantes, Montpellier, Lyon, etc), ...
Long term opendata ?
• virtuous circles
• stable datasets
• partnerships and agreements
with communities
Questions ?

openstreetmap.org / openstreetmap.fr
Christian Quest @cq94
in France
From crowdsourcing
to crowdfixing !
opendata / OpenStreetMap
virtuous circle

Public sector opendata
started with mid-size towns (Brest, Rennes)
government portal since december 2011
producer can benefit from crowdfixing
harmonized data are easier to reuse
access to single/common API
around 3000 monthly
10% of OSM worldwide activity
So what ?
and... data became
available !
streets and roads
+155.000 adresses
under ODbL license
Pre-existing data in OSM
Manual check is needed

> mass import impossible
> semi-manual merge
Tool developed to help OSM contributors merge data one street at a time with human control

more than 8 months of work
back to
the producer
Example: Nantes Métropole postal address dataset
The dataset
Updated data went back to producer
before opendata and because
of opendata !
Semi-public sector opendata
early contacts with RATP (Paris public
and SNCF (national railways)
• Too late to import as is
• Quality not as expected
harmonization to one semantic model
error fixing, update by resurvey
semantic enrichment
Better data !
win / win
happy ending :-)
(Paris publ. transp.) :
subway/tram station dataset
bicycle rental stations
same story with...
opendata needs long term view
• stable (shared) data structures
• long term availability
• dataset updates
Long term ?
Data re-use simplified
SNCF / OSM-FR : signed last week
Access to cadastre raw data* signed with local authorities

* not fully opendata...
Long term thru Partnerships ?
OSM-FR/SNCF example :
Train station wheelchair access
involving non (yet) OSM
Partnerships involving communities
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