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Becoming Brandividuals: Why Social Media Matters to Your Career

Social Media isn't going away. The sooner you get started the better off you'll be

Jay Oatway

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Becoming Brandividuals: Why Social Media Matters to Your Career

Becoming Brandividuals
Brands + Individuals
Manicured Profile
A Brandividual is not just any employee:

Passionate: about product/service AND customers
Lives the brand values
An accidental spokesman
1) It's easier to trust a person than
it is to trust a company

2) Personal connections are the only thing that can break through the noise
Keeping It Real, Playing It Safe
Why Contribute?
Remember: it stays for ever
The Name Challenge:

Brandname vs. Individual's Name vs. Hybrid
the connections you make
the reputaion you build
your actions / lack of action
how you represent your brands
Brandividual – noun 1. An individual whose personality and/or persona is inexorably entwined between life experience and their employer’s image and/or identity
Google yourself. What do you find?
Your resume and your personal brand are no longer what you email or physically send to a prospective employer.

In fact, your resume is the Google search results of your name. And your future boss is going to want to find all the cool stuff you are doing in your current job.
No matter what, you need to have you own presence,
even if it simply mirrors what you are doing at work.
Brandividual (n.): an individual employee who draws on her or his personal identity as well as the organization or brand’s identity, to represent the organization or brand in online relationships.
We need more than just information from a spokesman...
Social Media today is a lot like
the first telephones, fax machines, email...
You can no longer hide from Social Media.
Social Media is more akin to a watercooler chat
rather than a broadcast tool.
Social Media Policy
If you can answer the phone, send a fax, reply to email...then why shouldn't you be engaging through SM?
Sharing Is Caring
Monitoring: two ears and only one mouth, use them in the same ratio
When someone complains,
respond within minutes,
not hours or days
If talking about ourselves is boring,
then what should we talk about?
"Our people are encouraged to learn from the great professionals around them and from the new and exciting challenges they face day to day. We want you to find simple and better ways to do things and welcome creative new ideas.

To be a successful leader within A.S. Watson you need to have great delivery, thinking and people skills as well as the personal attributes and experience to deal with the challenges of today and the future."
Storytelling in Organizations
The Usual:
Contests and giveaways, new product information, regular posts, special offers and trustworthy brand news

The Authentic:
To make a real breakthrough we need to concentrate efforts on less easily defined activities such as innovation, interaction, community, variety and fun

The Mistake:
Not posting enough is the most common mistake, but the real challenge is in how to express a brand’s personality
It's all about personal relationships...

...it's about reputation in the community

...it's all about caring enough to give some time and thought
Instead, it's up to you to shape the future of social media
through the ways you chose to use it at work and play.
A world where word of mouth dominates,
you need to reach out
This is a mobile world, where places, deals, goupons and other social stuff is in the pocket of every customer who comes through your doors.
Winelibrary.com - The US$60 Million Business
Wasted Connections
Send me something that hits my emotional center, I'll never again shop with your competitor.
Listening is the most important SM skill to develop
Relationships are on-going efforts
Culture shift: Lead the change
Searching for terms that you are experts on...
Why Social Media Matters To Your Career
What happens in Vegas...
...stays on Facebook
"The telephone is not a viable product" - Western Union 1883
An Invitation to Get Good
at Leveraging Social Media
Brands Already Do This:
Why not individuals too?
Brandividuals are key to brands in
the social media era:
Every minute = 36 hours of new

Every 48 Hours = Sum total of content produced from the beginning of recorded history until the year 2000
Take Away:
Social Media is not a fad
Your online presence is your living CV
Content you create or discuss lives forever
Find the right balance between your work brand and BrandYou
Any questions?
Authenticity vs. Corporate Policy
So what are we going to use Social Media to talk about?
What are we allowed to say?
The best policies are about empowerment
The worst policies block SM at work
Social = Relationships
Any questions?
The Elevated Importance of Customer Service in the Social Media Era
Customer Service Done Right
What's the ROI on Customer Love?
Take Away:
Take Away:
Final Take Aways:
You need to get good at SM for your career
The brand needs you to get good at SM
The customer needs you to get good at SM

Let's Talk More.
Find me on Twitter: Twitter.com/JayOatway
Find me on Facebook: Facebook.com/JayOatway

Don't let fans wither on the vine...
Old Spice wins accolades, but fails in the long run.
How much content is being uploaded?
- Eric Schmidt
Introduce the Purpose of Social Media
Be Responsible for What You Write
Be Authentic
Consider Your Audience
Exercise Good Judgement
Understand the Concept of Community
Respect Copyrights and Fair Use
Remember to Protect Confidential & Proprietary Info
Bring Value
Productivity Matters
..we need to sense your character
Campaigns vs. Authentic Presence
Interesting stuff. News. Current events. The weather.
Real Voices Are All We Have Left
Use SM responsibly
Use SM to build relationships
Balance marketing with an authentic voice
...talk about what you find.
Myth: social media use hurts productivity
Isaiah Mustafa and a small creative team produce 100 more custom videos
Out of the Fortune 50 group of companies, 16 didn’t have a Twitter account that the authors of the experiment could find. Of the remaining 34 that they did send a customer support question to, 23 responded.

How fast were these big name companies at responding, when they did respond? Fast. Very fast.

General Motors responded in 2 minutes, UPS took 3, and Best Buy took 4 minutes to pen a 140 character answer. Not bad at all.

And several companies either redirected the customer service tweet to the appropriate account, or asked to move the conversation to direct message when appropriate.

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