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Freedom of Speech in Vietnam

No description

MC Landt

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Freedom of Speech in Vietnam

Freedom of Speech in Vietnam
present-day Vietnam (The Socialist Republic of Vietnam)
The Problem
The government of Vietnam continues to suppress the right to speech
Targeted: Those who speak out against the government
No private newspapers or broadcast companies
Central Propaganda Department controls the media
Social Media now censored
The Statistics
6 journalists, at least 3 bloggers, and many undocumented currently imprisoned under Article 258
Hundreds of Vietnamese arrested over past decade
Religious or Political
Vietnam #6 on list of top 10 most censored countries in the world
All statistics from the CPJ
Vietnam Human Rights Network
Intended Goal
Dynamics of Power
Ryan Oden
Created in 1997 in California by Vietnamese Leaders
Online Newsletters & Annual Reports
translated the International Human Rights Code
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Vietnam joined UN 1977
Problem of International Law
Inside organizations shut down by government
Nguyen Van Dai
Human rights lawyer
Arrested 2nd time in 2015 for violation of Article 88
1st time 2007-2011
"To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of human rights activities worldwide by facilitating the coordination of Vietnamese activists and organizations;
To increase the general public’s awareness of
human rights violations in Vietnam;
To recruit nations, media outlets, and sister organizations to promote the improvement of human rights throughout the world."
Nguyen Phu Trong: General Secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party
Trans Pacific Partnership: trade outweighs human rights
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