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5 characteristics of civilizations.

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reema aweineh

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of 5 characteristics of civilizations.

5 characteristics of civilizations.
A complex culture with 5 characteristics. All of these characteristics, such as advanced cities,complex institutions,record keeping, specialized workers, and advanced technology make up a civilization.
specialized workers
you need specialized workers to help you get the job done. they needed skilled workers that work by hand. they used traders, farmers, merchants, priests etc.
complex institutions
an organized complex instituton would be considered long lasting. a pattern of organization that has to do with religion, education, economy etc.
Advanced Technology
Advanced technology was just new techniques to solve the problems that people used to have such as starving. learning to farm and raise animals made a difference and helped them to settle and not have to move around to find food.
Advanced cities
An organized government where things could get traded and sold. Cities grew and so did the population. large groups of people lived in these cities.
The 5 characteristics that make up a civilization.
record keeping
to keep everything stable
and in place. They organized things such as documents and files so everything could be in safe maintenance. Places such as, law enforcement,
schools, hospitals etc. are a good example.
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