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Organelle Castle

Comparing a cell to a castle

Alan Collette

on 20 January 2012

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Transcript of Organelle Castle

The Castle Wall is like a
Cell Wall because it
provides protection for
the cell (in this case, the
castle). The typical knight like me would be the cell
membrane because it serves as secondary
protection for the castle. FOR THE KING!!! Stained glass makes the light in
the castle. Chloroplasts would be
a close comparison because both
capture the light. The weapon storage in a castle is like a cytoplasm
because both are used to store items; the weapon
storage holds weapons, while the cytoplasm holds
molecules. The castle keep would be like the
cytoskeleton because it makes the
form of the castle. WEAPONS The transport system of the castle
(in this case, the ship) would be the
golgi bogies in a cell. Both transport
items, and a ship's crew can package
and send an item to another kingdom. This Way... Organelle Castle -Alan Collette The lumberjack would be like the
Lysosome because he breaks down
things in the kingdom.

*I know there is a chainsaw, but it
was the best one I have.* The king is like the Nucleus because
he issues the orders. The education system of the castle(which was probably the home) would be the nucleolus because it is practically the place where children grow into workers. The farm is a multi-tasking part of a kingdom
when comparing it to a cell. It would represent
the Mitochondria, the ribosomes, and the Rough
Endoplasmic Reticulum because they all produce
things nessessary for the kingdom/cell. The livestock farm would be the Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
because livestock has fat in it.
And lipids are fats. The silo would be like the Vacuole
because it stores the food and water Well, thanks for visiting a cool castle and learn about a cell at the same time. I think it's cool because you can compar two totally unrelated things. THE END!
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