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Bianca Cancel

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Puritans

Lauren, Phoebe, and Bianca The Puritans The Puritans were members of a religious movement that began in England in the 1500s The Puritans came to the new world to practice a reformed version of the English Church The Puritans believed too much power rested with priests, bishops, and cardinals. John Calvin's writings and ideas led to him becoming a leader in the reformation The Puritans believed that the Bible was God's true law, and that it provided a plan for living. Puritans What is the Puritans view of God? They believed that their God was holy but harsh
They thought no matter how good they were and how much they praised him they would still be punished by him as said in Prayer Answered by Crosses by John Newton
Puritans based everything they did on God, which shows how important he was to them What were the Puritans values? To live a pure an holy life based around God
To teach their children how to base their lives on God
To try as hard as the could to please God and live his word The Puritans define truth as The Bible How do the Puritans define truth? Pessimistic
They believed they were living as sinners and were evil and had to work for God's forgiveness Do Puritans have an optimistic or pessimistic view of life? They believed that society was corrupt and evil because no one lived a sin-free life. What was the Puritans view on society? God was their main authority
They lived by his word Who was the Puritans authority? Charles Westley wrote in a poem:
"God appears on Earth to reign."
This means God is who rules on Earth. The Puritan's did believe in education but they're education was based on the Bible and God.
Children even learned there alphabet based on the Bible
They used the New England Primer to learn the alphabet
The New England Primer associated each letter with a biblical rhyme. What was the Puritans view on education? They viewed man as evil and sinful
To them everyone was doomed to hell but you still had to try and live God's word Do the Puritans view man as good, evil, or somewhere in between? From the anticipation guide, the following apply to the Puritans: Anticipation Guide Belief in God has been characteristic of the American experience
Mankind is basically evil
Truth is found in faith To simply live by God
To have children and raise them in the name of the lord
To work hard and try to be sin free How would the Puritans define the American Dream? The Puritans main goal in everything was to just please God. Everything they did from work to education to everyday life was based on Him. they were scared they were going to punished so they just tried as hard as the could to live in His word and please him. Puritans
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