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Sea Scouts of the Western Region

My presentation for Koch Cup.

Vanya Keyes

on 4 October 2010

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Transcript of Sea Scouts of the Western Region

Sea Scouts of the Western Region So where is the Western Region? Start with the world Now head to the USA And then only keep the western states and there's the But even this small sliver of the world has enormous diversity. Both in its terrain and its scouts So what do all these scouts do? Sailing There are the good days... ...and the not-so-good days But nonetheless, we right our boats and carry on. We sail ships both large and small The old saying goes, "Sailing is hours of boredom... ...interspaced with moments of sheer terror." Powerboating While the majority of Sea Scout vessels in the US are sailboats, there is a particular concentration of powerboats in the Western Region Instead of switching off trimming jib, We switched engine watches Other Water Activities We Sea Scouts do a great deal
of pretty much everything and
anything that deals with the water Kayaking and Canoeing Rowing Whitewater Rafting Wakeboarding and Innertubing Even if it's frozen it counts as water! ...and then there's always just finding any excuse to get wet Just Hangin' Out Camping and Hiking A pack of cards is the surest cure for boredom Land-based Regattas At land-based regattas, ships compete in many
different events that test various seamanship skills. Hell Drill/Drill Off Scuttlebutt Rope Climb/ Bosn's Chair Ring Buoy Dress Inspection Breeches Buoy Obstacle Course Training Scouts train for a variety of different scenarios from a man overboard, to an oil fire, to abandoning ship Scouts learn how to both start fires and put them out Skills for just about any emergency Maintenance Scouts learn valuable skills through the upkeep of thier own vessels Racing The competative sportsman's spirit is deeply ingrained in many Sea Scouts They compete in races and regattas both large and small Using every size boat they can get thier hands on Long Cruise Long cruises allow scouts to put theory into practice At the helm and at the nav station Scouts often find themselves saying hello to the local wildlife All in all, Western Region scouts are awesome!
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