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Making a proposal

Steps & language to make proposals

Victor Alarcon

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Making a proposal

Making a proposal
Analysis of the Situation Requiring a Proposal &
Statement of the Problem

• We have recently seen
a rise in / a decline in
due to / stemming from...

• This
has brough about / has led to

Purpose of the Proposal
• The
purpose / intention / aim
of this proposal is to
outline / present / discuss / give a brief comment / suggest...

Proposed Solution(s) or Plan(s)
• We suggest ... as it would result in...

• Consideration should be given to ...

• It would be
prudent / inadvisable / advisable

to ...
on the grounds that it / owing to the fact that / due to the fact that.

• We suggest that the problem of... can be addressed through...

Conclusion / Recommendations
• The obvious conclusion to be drawn from these facts is that...

• We
hope / believe / trust
you will consider this proposal favourably
the proposal will be given due consideration
the proposal will receive due consideration
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