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Chemical Warfare

No description

Angela-ReNay Carr

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Chemical Warfare

Chemical Agents of Warfare Understanding a chemical agent: noblis.org chemical warfare-the use of chemical weapons chemical weapon- a system that contains the chemical agent, can deliver the chemical agent to a target, and can disseminate the chemical agent once it reaches the target, generally as a liquid or solid aerosol chemical agent - a chemical compound that is either lethal or injurious in relatively small amounts not exactly Tabun is a nerve agent. It is not one of the strongest but it can to its fair share of damange. Tabun effects the muscules not allowing the body to stop the usage of them. They body would become weak no longer be able to support the victim's respetory system. Sarin is similar to tabun, but it is more dangerous. Sarin is heavier than air therefore in would be very usefull during trench wars. It also takes a greater tole on the enviorment. It tends to be made up of Hydrogen floride. Agent orange is a commonly associated with the Vietnam War. Agent Orange is a combination of two chemicals commonly refered to as 2, 4, D and 2, 4, 5, T. However with TCDD Agent Orange becomes a fatal diease making machine that include cancer. Effects of Agent Orange Sarin and tabun experiments Germany expanded their knowledge of chemicals agents during WWI by experimenting on their captives. Disturbed? Imagen that this is just four of the 4,000,000 stories there are of the Vietnamese affected by Agent Orange alone and only a few of the child effected by the experimentation of chemical agents. Cyanide is more dangerous than a nerve gas like sarin. symptoms do not just include head aces and confussion, but also blackouts, seizures, and cardiac arrest. However, the worse thing about this agent is that it is not used in distant places like Vietnam. Cyanide is use by terrorist commonly on our soil. Chemical warfare is not like the commonly known machine gun and explosive wars. There tends to be no great lights and there is no resulting fires or battle wounds. However chemical warfare can still be just a dangerous or even more so. Quick History of chemical warfare bordeninstitue.army.mil: Chemical Warfare can be dated all the way back to 3000 B.C. when Egyptians began to study lethal poisions of plants and animals. By 2000 B.C. the coriousity of chemical experimentation traveled to India. They learned to use chemicals to make smoke screens and sleep-inducing fumes. By 1000 B.C. the Chiense were exchanging information on how to use their new descoveries against enemies. In 590 B.C. one of the first all out chemical attacks was put in place by the Greeks. They poisioned their enemies main water supply. The effectes of the poision allowed them to gain a swift victory. From then on the developement of chemical warfare spread like wild fire. Notorious Chemical agents bt.cdc.gov/agent/tabun/basics/facts.asp A cyanide is any compond containing the monovalent pair CN . Cyanide was also a main ingredient in the Jonestown Mascre. Jim Jones made a deathly Kool aid concution consisting of cyanide, chloral hyrate, liquid Valium, and numerous sedatives. 914 were killed 276 being children. The future in chemical warfare: The world's involvement in chemical warfare is unknow. As for America, the sight of the effects of chemical agents far outweight any possible pros. The offical begining of chemical weapon destruction began with Nixon and it is said total destruction will finish in 2012. By: Angela-ReNay Carr How it works drugs.com/cg/cyanide-poisoning.htm:
It is known red blood cells pick up the oxygen and carry it throughout your body and that all organs and tissues depend on these blood cells to bring oxygen to them.

•Cyanide causes a chemical change that keeps the oxygen from getting into your red blood cells.

•No matter how cyanide gets into your body, it works the same way. It does not have to be breathed in to cause this change. It can also be swallowed or absorbed through your skin. Agent Orange cause serious birth defects in children long after the war was over
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