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How teenagers are represented in the British TV Show 'The In

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Caitlin Newbury

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of How teenagers are represented in the British TV Show 'The In

How teenagers are represented in the British TV Show 'The Inbetweeners'
Will Mackenzie is a stereotypical 'nerd'. Instead of carrying a normal bag, Will opts to carry a briefcase around school, thusfore leading to his nickname of 'briefcase'.
When confronted with social situations Will manages to make the atmosphere awkward. Will is also on a quest for romance throughout the series and movie.
The 'nerd' representation of teenages is seen a lot in TV shows that show the lives of young adults. They are often underestimated and joked about by other members of the social group.
Jay Cartwright is the member of the social group that desperately tries to gain acceptance from the more 'popular' people.
He often over exaggerates events that often hadn't even happened such as having numerous affairs with several women he conveniently cannot remember the names of.
He is shown to be gullible and will do anything that might offer him the chance of being considered 'cool', even getting drugs for the school bully, Donovan.
In my own experience I find that quite a few male teenagers are very similar to Jay making it a fairly accurate representation of SOME teenage boys.
Neil Sutherland is represented as the 'idiot' of the group. He often is found laughing at his own jokes and falls for every single lie that Jay tells.
Although Neil may look and sound the idiot, he is the closest when it comes to being 'popular'. Neil has several relationships throughout the series, gets invited to parties and also doesn't receive the levels of mockery that the others do.
There is often an 'idiot' in a friendship group that's represented in TV and Film, another for example is Stifler in the American Pie films. Although he is sometimes lucky with the ladies, he is still seen as irresponsible and unrespectable through his actions. Neil is more lighthearted than Stifler but you can see how they both carry similar attributes.
"I stopped believing in god when i realised it was dog spelt backwards"
Finally there is Simon Cooper.
Simon has always had a soft spot for the 'girl next door' character, Carli.
Simon can't accept that she doesn't want to be his girlfriend in the slightest and continues to convince himself that he is in love with her.
Simon represents some teenage males as being shy as he struggles to communicate with Carli and he stresses when other members of the group ruin a plan, or turn a plan on it's head as seen when they go to the wrong pub which was meant to be thriving with people from their school, but is in fact empty apart from them and one man who has to accompany them in order for the group to have alcoholic beverages.
Overall in The Inbetweeners TV Series there is a mixture of representations of male teenagers.
There's the 'nerd', the 'unpopular', the 'class clown' and the 'crazy in love'. These all help to give the audience an idea of different personalities and also an insight into a teenage boys life.
This will help towards creating my music video as I can use or adapt these representations through my characters.
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