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Photo III Day One Lesson

Day One

Melanie Rapp

on 31 July 2017

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Transcript of Photo III Day One Lesson

Miz Rapp
Photo III
Photo! Photo! PHOTO!
How it works
But before you can start your body of work, you must show that you are skilled in exposure and composition.
In Photo III, an emphasis will be on growing as an artist and photographer. You may work with the same subject all term, but must show growth each week.
5 - 10 final images are due every Friday.
Experimentation! Risk-Taking!
IF you are going to work on one concept throughout the term, you must experiment and take risks. It will not be OK to do the "same old" thing all term.
Let's keep in touch
Nice to meet you!
I'm John Doe
A few things about me...
It's a free template
Add your image...
and details
Rearrange the elements
Create a Unique Shape
Career choices
Work Time
Critiques/Peer Reviews
Thursdays and Fridays
On Mondays and Tuesdays, you may check out a camera and work.
On Thursdays and Fridays you will take the constructive criticism and work harder/improve your project. Projects are due every Friday.
On Wednesdays we will either have an oral critique or a written peer review. IF you do not have work on your blog, you will lose points.
Remember your resources
Ms. Rapp!
Your Peers!
Class Blog!
The website!
Grab a Copy of This Prezi from:

by Prezibase.com
Free CV resume prezi
resume prezi
free cv prezi
free rezume prezi
free cv prezi template
In Photo III we will be focusing on a body of work.
What is that, you ask?
It's a concentration.
An Exploration of a concept, medium, and/or style.
IF you have had Ms. Rapp this school year, you do not have to complete the review project. However, if you have not had Ms. Rapp before OR if you have not had a photography class this school year, you MUST complete the review project BEFORE moving forward. The review project is on the class website.
For Example
Let's say you are doing portraits...
You could start with self-portraits
The next week you could take family portraits (formal, commercial and/or informal)
You could try your hand at photojournalistic or documentary portraits
Why not experiment with lenses? Photoshop techniques?
Play around with cyanotypes...
Instant Cameras...
Push yourself!

Explore ideas!

Explore techniques!

So as you can see you CAN explore one theme throughout the term. But challenging yourself is key. Doing the same thing over and over will not be acceptable.
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