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Black and white by: Paul Volponi

book project

jared yount

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Black and white by: Paul Volponi

Black and White BY: Paul Volponi Long Island City High School (ghetto) Setting The main characters in this book would be "Black and White," known as Marcus and Eddie.
Marcus- comes from a poor background on Long Island growing up in the ghetto .

Eddie- comes from the nicer end on Long Island, his family has money.

Marcus and Eddie grow up as best friends despite there racial differences of Marcus being a less fortunate black boy and Eddie being a white kid from the nicer end of town. Their love and skill involved with basketball pulls these two characters together throughout the book.
Summary Eddie and Marcus have been best friends for so long that no one even qusetions the fact that Eddie is white and Marcus is black. In fact, since they are a dynamic duo on the basketball court they actually have the nickname “black and white.” Unfortunately, they get the idea to hold people up in order to get extra cash and a man accidentally gets shot. As the cops slowly start to put the pieces together they need to decide just what it means to be a good friend. Does it mean taking the blame together or keeping your mouth shut and letting your friend walk away free Marcus and Eddie need to get money to go on the senior trip for their class. Eddie comes up with a way of getting money from simple stick ups. Marcus was uneasy about the idea at first until Eddie makes it sound fast, simple, and easy. After the first couple successful stick ups, they said "its like taking candy from a baby." Main Events This book takes place in both a wealthy and less fortunate city. The setting (present day) shows the problems that teens may face today in and out of school. On a dark cloudy night, Marcus and Eddie decide to go out for their last stick up. Eddie confronts a man sitting in his car in the parking lot. When this guy doesn't push over like the others, Marcus and Eddies lives soon take a turn for the worst when a shot out of Eddies gun is accidentally fired at the guy. I really enjoyed the book, there was a lot of action and it was always entertaining. This book shows some conflicts that teens face today in school and life. However i would only recommend this book to students in high school because there is a lot of bad language and some situations in the book may not be suitable. My Opinion
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