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No description

Rochelle Richardson

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Flappers

Origin.. What is a Flapper Flappers Flappers FLAPPERS Stefana Masic Rochelle Richardson The official definition of a flapper is a woman intent on enjoying herself and breaking the traditional rules of convention. Etymology:
The term flapper was used in England to describe young and wild teenage girls.
1904: The term arrived in the United States. It was first written in the book Sandford of Merton by Desmond Coke
"There's a stunning flapper."
19th amendment gives women the right to vote
Life was short
idea of not going to just stay at home and wait for a man that would never come
Postwar prosperity allowed for leisure time
drinking, dancing, Speakeasies The Victorian
Woman Characteristics Role in Society The Flappers Characteristics Social Behavior The New Woman "Flapper and Victorian Lady Meet on the Beach"
James Laver Womens Dress In The Jazz Age Good Girl to Flapper Women of the late 19th and early 20th centuries would wear dresses or skirts down to their ankles with corsets and dainty blouses. They had very long hair and only wore makeup on special occasions. It was uncommon for Victorian women to go to bars and smoke cigarettes. These traits would be the ones that distinguished
Victorian women physically from their daughters
in the 1920s. These women were always involved in suffrage and politics. They invested much of their lives in the Women's Rights Movement due to the fact that:
-women were still considered inferior to men and as their "property"
-were looked on as child bearers with only working class careers (not able to enter professions) The mothers of these new ladies in the 1920’s weren’t so pleased to find that this new way of life they had created and fought for their daughters was being taken for granted. -The long beautiful locks of Victorian women lay on the floors of beauty parlors as young women cut their hair to shoulder length or even shorter.

- Hemlines of dresses rose dramatically to the knee.

-The cosmetics industry boomed as women used make-up in large amounts.

-Women bound their chests and wore high heels. Famous
Flappers Louise Brooks Clara Bow Bobbed Cut The "it" girl Decline of the Flapper The Depression
Recklessness was forced to end
high spirited attitude and hedonism were forced to disappear due to hardships Impact The Concept of Dating
The New Modern Woman
End to Victorian lifestyle
Chopped Hair
Corset never went back to everyday status
Hemlines stayed above the ankle Jazz Age Dance Craze! Flaunted sex appeal
Motion Pictures, Models
Free to vote, drive, dance, drink, smoke, stay out late, and go to "petting parties". Stage and screen actress "The party stopped when the economy crashed and the Great Depression curtailed" The Spread Background Info Writers
S. Fitzgerald aka The Flapper king
John Held Jr
The Flappers
Entertainment venues Fashion designers Coco Chanel &
Paul Poiret What led to the rise of flappers? Transformation Many celebrated the age of the flapper as the female version of the declaration of independence. Experimentation with new looks, jobs, and lifestyles seemed liberating compared with the socially restricted woman in the Victorian Age. The Flapper: -chose activities to please herself, not men or others

-ignored the political agenda

-expressed herself through:
smoking, drinking, and sexual experimentation Dresses -sleeveless and knee length
-hung straight and loose from body
-drop waists
-preferred undergarment was a cotton "flattener" bra Hair/Makeup -cut in a short bob or boyish cut
-hair was often dyed a dark brown/ black color
-makeup look was artificial with tons of eyeliner and lipstick Jewelry -main staple in flapper style
-diamonds, pearls, and platinum chains
-feather boas
- headbands -smoking

-drinking bootleg alcohol

-going out with men unchaperoned

- Eton crop Shingle bob -went out to jazz clubs, speakeasies, and petting parties

-were active in sports and rode bicycles and drove cars
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