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Advertising Effect In The Society

No description

Qian Du

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Advertising Effect In The Society

Presenter Qian Du
5/2/2013 English109 Advertising Effect In The Society Work cited 2. Advertisements can provide relative information of a product with the target customers and attract as much attention as possible. Advertising is a part of social culture. Commecial is one of the main ways for brand communication through various medium, it spread to the consumer brand information, telling brand emotion and build personality. Public Benefit Ads spread some positive information to people, which bring lots of
benefits to the society. 3.There are also some public service advertising can spread some positive information to people, which bring lots of benefits to the society. 1. Advertisements is a part of social
couture, which affect us all around. Reminding people smoking is harmful to health, so treasure your life and keep away from smoking. Warning people to protect our Earth, preventing"Global warming". Call on people's attention to
help weakness in Earthquake Video: Skyfall James Bond 007 | Crack the Case Heineken spot (2012) Daniel Craig.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHz30rlNHCc The sellers from big companies (such as Heineken Inc. ) through advertising campaigns, for the vast number of consumers to introduce various can enrich people's lives, the need to improve the standard of living necessities of life information, such as specification, performance, application; and tell people how to use these products to improve your life. Pictures: http://www.360doc.com/content/10/0927/09/0_56703873.shtml http://image.baidu.com/i?tn=baiduimage&ct=201326592&lm=-1&cl=2&fr=ala1&word=%BD%FB%D6%B9%CE%FC%D1%CC%B5%C4%B4%B4%D2%E2%CD%BC%C6%AC http://image.baidu.com/i?tn=baiduimage&ct=201326592&lm=-1&cl=2&fr=ala1&word=%C8%AB%C7%F2%B1%E4%C5%AF%B4%B4%D2%E2%CD%BC%C6%AC The End
Thanks for watching :) Blend in new culture Cohesive significance to society In Chinese traditional culture, people like tea-tasting, especially the elder. Once Nescafe came out, People were curious about this new product. It is a kind of instant coffee which can save time in compare to Chinese tea. With its advertising effect, the young people started to try it and accepted it gradually.Because of cultural difference led by its advertising, Nescafe opened the Chinese market in a rapid way. Ads bring cohesive significance to society. China Unicom is a mobile phone operator of China. In this printed poster, we can see a slogan From Asia to the Americans. It means that people can contact with each other through China Uniform no matter where they are. Although you are in the difference places, you can still keep in touch anywhere. Especially for those people who work or study in foreign countries.
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