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Bayern Munich vs BVB Dortmund

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Noah Bauer

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Bayern Munich vs BVB Dortmund

Who is Better?
Both teams are part of the German Bundesliga soccer league, each has been top of their league more than others, but one of them is the best.
The League
Bundesliga is a German soccer league that was founded in 1963. It consists of 18 German soccer clubs.
The Rivalry
Bayern and Dortmund have been bitter rivals since 1965 when they played each other for the first time. They have played each other a total of 88 games.
Bayern Munich 1965
BVB Dortmund 1965
Present Day
Still today Bayern and Dortmund play each other, each winning and losing, and each stay top of the league
Bayern and Dortmund have recently played on May 17, 2014 for the DFB Pokal cup, Bayern winning 2-0.
Overall Bayern and Dortmund have played a total of 89 games. Of the 89 Bayern has won 38, Dortmund has won 23, and there has been 28 draws.

In the 89 games there have been a total of 278 goals. 164 were by Bayern and 144 were by Dortmund
Most Memorable Games
There have been many games against the two, but some are better and more exciting than others
Most Memorable Game 1
Biggest Winning Margin
On November 27, 1971 Bayern and Dortmund were playing once again, this time neither of them were at the top of the league. The past three years Dortmund had been near the bottom, whereas Bayern had been near the top at second. They meet at Bayern's home stadium, giving them the home advantage. Once the game ended it was horrendous for one team and glorious for the other. Bayern had won 12-1, thus starting a great legacy for them winning the next two league titles along with three European Cups. Dortmund suffered, staying at the bottom for the next 8 years and having another humiliating defeat 12-0 seven years later
Most Memorable Game 2
Frenzied goal scoring
May 21, 1983 Bayern and Dortmund were playing again, this time at Dortmund. The game wasn't significant for league placement, Bayern was set to place fourth, and Dortmund to finish seventh. However, it was significant for Bayern's new head coach Reinhard Saftig, this was his first game coaching the team. Bayern took the lead 3-0, but Dortmund bounced back with three more goals, leveling the scores. Then to gain the lead Dortmund scored another goal, that lead was not held on for long as Bayern scored again. The game ended later on 4-4, this was one of the most exciting games the two teams played.
Most Memorable Game 3
Memorable Pictures
This game wasn't memorable because of the game its self, but because of two pictures. Bayern and Dortmund meet at the end of the 96/97 season, Bayern was at the top of the league while Dortmund was at a close third. One of Dortmund's players, Andreas Moller, had earned the reputation as a diver when he dove against a Karlsrusher SC player, the dive getting him suspended by the DFB. This dive was fresh in Lothar Matthau's mind; each team scored a goal in the first three minutes. Matthaus and Moller took center stage, each fouling the other. Then Matthaus got up to Moller's face and accused him of being a cry baby, Matthaus in return slapped Moller's face. The game ended 1-1, the moment has nothing to do with football but it became one of the most memorable photographs in German Football HIstory
Most Memorable Game 4
Card Confetti
On April 7, 2001 Bayern and Dortmund were playing again , Bayern once again at the top of their league, Dortmund close behind. More than previous meetings, this game became a lot uglier quicker. The game had soon turned into a pure hackfest, the teams battered each other many times during the match. At the end of the match the refs had handed out two reds, one yellow-red, and twelve other yellows.
Media Statistics

Another statistic that could show who is better is how their presence in the media is.Their presence in the media shows their fan base, which shows how many people like them.
Mobile Apps
Who has more member's?
Bayern : 15 million Dortmund:8.7 million
Who has more Facebook fans?
Bayern : 16 million Dortmund: 10 million
Who has more followers?
Bayern: 1.1 million Dortmund: 942k
Who has more tweets?
Bayern: 12.6k Dortmund: 18.8k
Who has more followers?
Bayern:528k Dortmund: 73k
Who has more posts?
Bayern: 2,110 Dortmund:150
Who has mobile apps for the Iphone?
Bayern: Yes:1 Dortmund:1
Who has mobile apps for the Andriod?
Bayern: Yes;1 Dortmund:1
How many languages do they offer?
Bayern:8 Dortmund:5
Another way to show who is better is how many trophy's either have one. Trophies show how well the teams have done throughout the years.
The Winners Plate
This trophy is presented to the best team of the bundesliga at the end of the play season.
What it is made of.
The trophy is made of 5.5kg of Sterling silver and is set with five large and eleven small tourmalines (altogether worth 175 carat). Engraved in it is the names of all the German champions since 1903. The trophy its self is as much as 25,000 Euro.
Bayern Munich has won the trophy 24 times, and BVB Dortmund has won it 8 times.
The DFB Cup Trophy is awarded to the winner of the DFB Cup. The DFB Cup is an annually held tournament for all of the Bundesliga teams.
What it is made of
The trophy is 12.5 pounds, made with 250 grams of fine gold, decorated with twelve tourmalines, and twelve rock crystals, and 18 nephrites
Bayern Munich have won it 16 times, and BVB Dortmund have won it 3 times.
UEFA Champions League
The Trophy is awarded to the winner of the UEFA Champions League, which happens every two years. The teams that can participate are ones that are from Europe. To qualify you must be good enough to be a contender for the trophy.
What is it made of?
The trophy is 8.5 kg in weight, and 73.5 cm height and is made of silver
Bayern Munich have won five times, and BVB Dortmund has won once
UEFA Super Cup
The match is played by the two regining champions of the two main European club competitions, the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League
Bayern Munich has won 1 super cup, whereas Dortmund has won none.
UEFA Europa League
Soccer clubs in Europe qualify for the competition based on their performance in their national leagues and cup competition.
Bayern have won the competition only once and Dortmund haven't won it.
Now that we have seen the general statistics of the Bayern and Dortmund rivalry, we can come to a conclusion. From this prezi you can conclude that Bayern is indeed better, with a much larger fan base and better history. But if you want a definite conclusion you may do more research on your own.
Highlights from the match
Sorry for the inconvenience of it being in
Sorry for the inconvenience of the video being in German
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