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Entertainment in the 1920's

No description

Azzah Al-tkrity

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Entertainment in the 1920's

The action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment. Entertainment in 1920s Cartoons in the 1920s Movies did you know ... Jazz Age ! fun fact:
The Silent Screen stars of the decade were: Rudolph Valentino, and Clara Bow. Rudy Vallee was known for singing through his megaphone. did you know that ... fun fact; "Movies were an art form that had universal appeal. Their essence was entertainment; their success, financial and otherwise, was huge. They entertained and made people laugh, making the world a happier place to live in after the horrors of WW1." http://www.1920-30.com/movies/ The Big Five -There were a few cartoons in the 1920s. Felix the cat was one of them. -Betty Boop was a big cartoon back in the 1920 -Felix the cat was another big cartoon back in the 1920s. Political Cartoons During the 1920s the cartoonist with his drawings could say more in one cartoon than could be said by a speech given by a politician. This is why cartoons were of such great significance during this time period. These cartoons were given the interpretation that you wanted to give to it. Walt Disney Walt Disney and his animator partner, Ub Iwerks, created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in 1927. the first cartoon, Poor Papa, was rejected because of poor quality Disney and Iwerks then created Trolley Troubles. Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse to gain more money Comics During 1920s comics became popular too. The most Five Famous comics are: 1-Randolph Carter Lovecraft 2. Captain Blood 3. Count Orlok 4.Charlie Chan 5. Bomba the Jungle Boy Warner Brothers
Famous Players (Paramount)
20th Century Fox The Little Three Universal Pictures
United Artists
Columbia Pictures Movie Stars America's Sweetheart First star to become a millionaire In films such as:
The Mark of Zorro
Robin Hood
The Theif of Bagdad
Taming of the Shrew References http://learningenglish.voanews.com/content/movies-become-big-business-in-the-1920s-111456524/131238.html
http://www.1920s-fashion-and-music.com/1920s-musicians.html Music and Musicians in the 1920's, jazz music was the dominant music genre of all
The popular dance music was not jazz, but there were early forms taking shape in the evolving blues-ragtime experimental area that would soon turn into jazz. Famous Musicians : Willy "The Lion" Smith
King Oliver
Louis Armstrong
Eddie Lang
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