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The School In the clouds!

No description

Amari Mason

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of The School In the clouds!

The School In the clouds!
By: Amari Akil Mason
Fernandez Productions
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
What is School In The Clouds?
The School In The Clouds is a world wide program that helps scholars prepare for their futures by using Self-Organized Learning Enviorments. This helps scholars with their imagination and creativity by asking Big Questions or connecting them with Grannies.This is what school of the future is.
What is the history of School In The Clouds?
School In The Clouds started in 1999 when a pioneer named Sugata Mitra creating "Hole In The Wall" for a potential self-organized learning and the public helped. The program reached villages in 7 countries! In 2013, the "Hole In The Wall" experiment received a Ted Prize award! Later that year in December, they changed their name to School In The Clouds.That is the History of School In The Clouds.
School In the Clouds has 23 staff in total and the most important staff are Sugata Mitra (the Principal Investigator), Suneeta Kulkarni (the Research Director), and The Grannies ( Basically the teachers).
What is the purpose of School in the Clouds
The purpose of School in the clouds if for teachers, parents, or community leaders to create their own SOLEs and contribute tho the School in the clouds Global experiment by sharing experiences they might have.
What is Sole?
How many staff does the School in the clouds have and who are the most important?
That is what School of the Future is and how it came to be.
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