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Gregory Crewdson

Master Photographer

laura weyl

on 11 August 2010

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Transcript of Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson:
The Hitchcock of Photography Uses a hollywood-style production team, including lighting, actors, and crew, to create larger-than-life visiual narratives through the power of a single image.

Unlike hollywood films, his photographs capture isolated moments with no past and no future, and an imaginary possibility hangs over them like a pregnant pause, playing to photography's narrative strength.
"I'm interested in the limitations of a photograph in terms of its narrative capacity to have an image that's frozen in time, and there's no before or after. So I want to use that limitation as a kind of strength, you know." Early Life Born in Broklyn, NY, 1962. His father was a psychoanalyst and his mother a housewife.
Graduated early from high school
Joined a punk rock group (the Speedies) that was popular in the NYC scene
Decided to become a photographer at 10 years old, when his dad took him to see a Diane Arbus exhibit at MOMA.
Studied photography at SUNY purchase in NY during the 1980s
Recieved MFA from Yale University
Taught at Sarah Lawrence, Cooper Union, Vassar College,
Has been a professor at Yale University of the Arts since 1993
Has exhibited in museums all over the world, including the New York MOMA, SFMOMA, Whitney, and the Met. Photographic career http://www.whitecube.com/artists/crewdson/video/18/


http://www.gagosian.com/exhibitions/2010-09-23_gregory-crewdson/# Photographic Technique Uses a large-format (often 8x10) film camera Shoots on location with heavy-duty artificial lighting and set detailing or on a soundstage Functions as a 'director' more than a photographer, and always has a large crew assisting him during shoots Hires actors to be subjects in his photos http://www.picsearch.com/pictures/celebrities/artists%20and%20painters/artists%202/gregory%20crewdson.html Picture Gallery Videos Process and overview of technique... Reason for using photography for narratives... Behind the scenes on a shoot... His images juxtapose the familliar and the fantastic They often take place in normal, american, suburban spaces but their illustious, dramatized, and greatly belabored mise-en-scene hyperbolizes these everyday settings to create surreal moments that are, in themselves, lush, enigmatic multi-faceted narratives.
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