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Derpy Hooves

Video Link: http://goo.gl/GUoCX

Gretchen and Lulu

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Derpy Hooves

Derpy Hooves By Gretchen Faliszek Backstory of Derpy Who is Derpy?
Derpy is a gray Pegasus pony, who's name was given to her by the My Little Pony fanbase, She first appeared in the very first episode of the series during the Welcoming party that Pinkie Pie gave Twilight Sparkle. Bronies nicknamed her Derpy, due to her having a crossed-eyed "Derpy" expression.The show's staff then
gave her a "Where's Waldo" type appearances as a background pony, as a nod to the fans. In the second season episode, The Last Roundup, Rainbowdash refers
to the pegasus as "Derpy," and the cross-eyed pegasus has her first speaking role
in the show. The scene was later altered so Rainbowdash no longer names Derpy,
her voice was changed, and she is less cross-eyed, The Derpy Debate
When "The Last Roundup" first aired, Bronies were awestruck that Rainbow
Dash actually referred to Derpy as, well, Derpy. Some parents of the younger
fans, though, not so much. Amy Keating Rodgers, the writer of the episode,
recieved many hateful emails calling her an ableist, and telling her that she's
against people with learning and mental disabilities. She recieved more positive
emails than negative emails, but she still wondered why Derpy suddenly became
slightly hated. Amy then searched the meaning of her name, and found out that
one definition of Derpy was "retarded." Having a son with dyslexia, it upset her that it was her who put the name out there. They then re-wrote the scene, so Rainbowdash no longer says Derpy, and the gray pegasus is less cross-eyed and has a much more feminine voice. Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses ~Silly
~Eating Muffins
~Her big heart ~Clumsy
~Slight reading problem
~Social Skills
~Sight Multimedia Derpy's Voice Change: Classroom Recommendations For Derpy, I would recommend a classroom decorated with pictures of muffins. There could be a cooking class (with Cheerilee's assitance and guidance, of course) where Derpy could make Muffins to her heart's content.
The room would be large and very open, so there's less for Derpy to run into. There would be around 10 ponies enrolled in the school, and they could be very similar so they can connect better with eachother and make friends.
For Derpy's slight dyslexia, there could be a time dedicated to helping her recognize letters and words, and begin to read at a filly level.
During recess and lunch hours, Cheerilee could take all of the ponies outside so Derpy has time to stretch out her wings and practice her flying skills.
To address Derpy's big heart, the class could do multiple community projects throughout the year (help Twilight Sparkle with Princess Celestia's welcoming party, maybe?).
There could also be a corner of the room dedicated to dressing up, where Derpy can express her creativity through costumes.
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