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Monster high 4 Back & Deader Than Ever!

No description

Jay Gordon

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Monster high 4 Back & Deader Than Ever!

By: Jay Gordon Monster High 4 Back & Deader Than Ever! Frankie stein is the main charater
in these book! She is a great friend! She is
all so a sweet & loving. This is what she looks like in the book! Stand up &
Fright! Clawdeen Wolf is a fun &
frightful teenager that just
wants to have fun! She is 15. She loves shopping & flirting with boys! She has two
brothers but only
one is named in the
book that would be Clawd! This is what she looks like
from the
book! This is her brother Clawd!
He is 17 & he loves football! In monster high 4 Back & deader then ever the author of the book Lisi Harrison! Wanted the readers to learn that you shouldn't make fun of people because their Rads or Normie. Summary The point of view! The point of view is first! She is 15... Days that is. She said that since I'm only 15 days old I don't really have a favorite activty yet! The people that are in this book are really cool because they are Rads. When you are a Rad you want to fit in with everybody & that might be hard.
But later in the book everyone gets along with everyone. The Rads have fun for the rest of the school year. The rising action is at the beginning of
the book when Frankie & her freinds try
to throw a party. The climax is at the party the Rads & the Normies are haveing fun. Then the Normies find out that their best freinds are Rads. The falling action is the Normies are geting use to the Rads. The resolution is that the Rads & the Normies can get along with each other & not have a promblem!
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