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Body Image Tips

Discover how you can make a change with media, art & technology.

latinitas elpaso

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Body Image Tips

Presented by

Change Starts
With You!
Body Image Tips
Get Your Voice Heard
Think Critically
Speak Out
Let Media Know What You Think
Be Mindful of the Products You Buy & Media You Watch
Take a Stand
express yourself
We started Latinitas to break stereotypes about Latinas, share our culture and stories & give girls a voice in media.
LatinitasMagazine.org - first digital mag by & for young Latinas
Poetry, profiles, entertainment, culture, fashion, college, relationships, advice, healthy & wellness, music, movies, books, DIY tips, art, photography & more!
Breaking the Myths of Media
Dove Campaign for Real Beauty
Misrepresentation Documentary
It Would be Boring if We All Looked Alike
Imperfection is Beauty
Thinness Does Not Equal Happiness
Perfection Does Not Exist
Media Is Not Reality
Confidence is Attractive
Being YOUnique is Beautiful
Latinitas Magazine
7 Things You Should
Know About Body Image
Videos on a Mission
is a photo project to encourage a healthy body image.
Love Yourself & What makes you unique!!
Love Your Flawz
10 Body Image Tips
Appreciate Your Body
Focus on the Positive
Stop the Hate Talk
View Media Critically
Use Positive Affirmations
Embrace What Makes You Unique
Encourage Others
Avoid Negative Media Influences
Don't Put Yourself or Others Down
Love Yourself & Know You Are Beautiful
twitter @latinitas
Check Us Out!
Media is NOT Reality
What is Body Image?
Body image is how you view your physical self — including whether you feel you are attractive and whether others like your looks.
Self-esteem is all about how much you feel you are worth — and how much you feel other people value you.
What is Self-Esteem?
75% of 8 and 9 year olds said they liked their looks, by the age of 12 and 13,
56% say they like their physical appearance

78% if girls with low self-esteem admit that it’s
hard to feel good in school
when you don’t feel good about yourself

75% of girls with low self-esteem reported
engaging in negative activities
such as, bullying, peer pressure, sex, dangerous diets, loss of interest in school, anorexia, cutting and suicidal tendencies.
Why is Body Image
• Media Literacy is a 21st century approach to education.
• It provides a framework to
access, analyze, evaluate and create messages in a variety of forms
- from print to video to the Internet.
• Media literacy builds an
understanding of the role of media in society
as well as essential skills of inquiry and self-expression necessary for citizens of a democracy.
a feeling or consciousness of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances
Media Literacy
Body Image Facts
*20 years ago, models weighed 8% less than the average woman. Today, they weigh 23% less.
*The average American woman is 5’4” tall and weighs 140 pounds. The average American model is 5’11” tall and weighs 117 pounds.
*42% of 1st-3rd grade girls want to be thinner, while
81% of 10-year-olds are afraid of getting fat
(Dove Real Beauty Campaign, 2004)
*80% of 10-year-old girls say they have been on a diet. The number 1 magic wish for young girls age 11-17 is to be thinner.(justthink.org)
*Rates of depression are the same among boys and girls until puberty, but x2 as many women are diagnosed as depressed post-puberty.
(National Institute of Mental Health)
*Americans spend more than $40 billion a year on dieting and diet-related products.
*In 2007, there were about 11.7 million cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. Ninety one percent of these were performed on women
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