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No description

yublemi analco

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Musician

By: Yublemi Analco

Training skills
Musicians begin studying music at an early age
Voice training and private instrumental lessons usually when child is young
Colleges, Universities and music conservatories grant bachelors or higher degrees in music
Masters or doctoral degree required to teach advanced music courses
In order to be a musician you need to achieve excellence in your career to be included in performances
Musicians are mostly unemployed
There is other competition with other singers or musicians
If you're not liked your fame would take time to progress
ancient Egyptians credited one of their gods, Thoth, with the invention of music
This career may be interesting if you have a passion for music!
Musicians perform during night and on weekends
Spend much additional time practicing or in rehearsal with their bands or alone
Musicians are part time unemployed
Supplement their income with earnings from their sources
Working Conditions
Perform in night clubs , restaurants and other events
well-known musicians appear in radio, concerts, music videos and television broadcast.
Armed forces offers a career to a musician or small band
Knowledge and Skills
Musicians need extensive training to acquire the necessary knowledge to interpret music
Use Knowledge of voice production, melody and harmony
Musicians most be knowledgeable about a broad range of music
Young people should have music talents in order to be considered a musician
Abilities required to read music literacy, work independent, being comfortable when performing in audiences.
Nature of work
Sources :
Salary and Job Outlook
Advancement Opportunities
If you're a great singer you can end up doing millions of dollars
Meeting Fans
Traveling around the world
signing Cd's
Many people leave their musician profession because they don't like being unemployed for a long time
Media Hour earnings and singers $17.85
Musicians weekly minimums salaries ranged $700 to $2,080
Some musicians have a guarantee season of 52 weeks and others are unemployed
Being a musician can be a hard job to get prepared for. Preparing your voice or teaching yourself to play an instrument can be stressing at times. People give up in trying out in being a musician, they don't receive what they expect. They're also unemployed for a very long time. When it comes on being a well-known singer get guarantees over 50 weeks and end up with millions of dollars. I choose this career because i love to sing and have an obsession for music and composing. This job isn't beneficial if your trying to work everyday of your lifetime for me its a really good job .
Becoming better known
Performing for higher wages
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