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Combining Affinity, Engagement, and Capacity to Build a Pipeline of Potential Donors

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Mark Koenig

on 21 January 2017

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Transcript of Combining Affinity, Engagement, and Capacity to Build a Pipeline of Potential Donors

Prioritizing your Portfolio
Determining Engagement
Goal: Develop a method by which we can gauge one constituents engagement vs. another

Point driven algorithm (or can be simple equation (a+b+c=d))
Build for your institution
Don't over think it!
Ideally run frequently (ours is nightly)
Build to stand the test of time (i.e., stick with it)
Incorporate as broadly as possible for
full adoption

Determining Enthusiasm
Building Capacity thru
"Surgical Screenings"
Goal: Increase the pipeline of potential new gift opportunities

The "Old School" vs. "New School"
Strategically and timely screen the best potential candidates
Yearly based on unit/college goals or special projects
Development "Sweet Spot"

Combining the Three
Determine a output/taxonomy that's right for you
Incorporate into all Reports as appropriate
Provide communication and training to ensure staff understand the data and its use
Select key or high profile projects to utilize the scores
Discovery program / New MGO portfolios / Regional program / Gift Planning / Annual Giving

Lessons Learned
Strategies for Success
Remember: they are tools/filters to help make better decisions - only good if used
Measure and report on the success
Build with your organization in mind
Communicate in layman's terms with staff
Involve every facet of Advancement Services
Do not approach from the silo
Start small, go big, but be sure to plan ahead
Have fun!
Data is our Friend
Goal: Strategic, Clean and Reliable
Loads - type, frequency, cleanliness
Internal Partners
Shadow Databases
Enlisting their Aid
Strategic Data acquisition
Appends (e.g., E-mail, Employment)
Special Projects
LinkedIn, Student Groups

A plan of action to collect MORE!
Remember, it takes time to build Rome
Research-a-tron 3000
Leveraging your Resources
Internal Parties
Advancement Services
Information Technology (Reporting)
Records (or Database) Group
Research and Relationship Management
Alumni Association
Registrar and other Key Campus Contacts

External Parties
Database Screening Services

Anatomy of the OSU Engagement Score
Measures Academic Traits for Baseline Score
Student Activities (Greek, Letterwinners, Legacy)
With Activity, Involvement and Giving for Dynamic Score
Giving (recency, frequency and variety
(no total giving))
Simple point system including:
Dynamic - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Alumni Association Membership (+)
Giving (+)
Committee membership (+)
Activities (+)
Gift clubs (+)
Solicitation codes (+/-)
Baseline - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Legacy (+)
Additional degrees (+)
Student Activities (+)

Equipment Needed to Build
Advance for Sybase
MS SQL Server Reporting Services
Data Warehouse
(or Access, or Excel, or a hard copy list and a pen)

Engagement Score
Lessons Learned
Leave Room for Growth
Involve all of the cast, builds buy-in and confidence
Stick with it, don't mess with the recipe
Incorporate into all of your reports, etc.
Anatomy of the Enthusiasm Score
21st Century Planning Survey on Steroids
Partnered with a third party vendor
Conducted electronic survey of all Alumni (w/ valid E-mail)
Included Actionable Questions
Is OSU included in your Estate plans and will?
Is OSU a Philanthropic priority?
Do you intend to make a gift to OSU this year?
Insert your institution's specific questions
But don't ask open ended ones...
Data returned w/ composite score
Uploaded into database and incorporated into key reports
Enthusiasm Score
Lessons Learned
Recommend partnering
Insert your institution's specific questions
But don't ask open ended ones or too many!
Repeat Survey every other year or at key milestones
Stick with it, don't mess with the recipe
Involve all of the campus, builds buy-in and confidence
Strategically plan the survey's delivery
Incorporate into all of your reports, etc.
Anatomy of a Surgical Screening
Partner with a third party batch screening vendor
Scalable dependent upon your institution's size/need
Determine who's right for you (unit goals, projects, etc.)
Unit Analysis Projects
Development Sweet Spot
Validate, validate, validate - Do not just upload
Incorporate in Reports
The Pipeline

For more information:

Thank you for your time
Screening Verification Worklog
A work in progress from our recent Screening of California
On average, we find a 10 percent true yield for ratings returned
1,208 Newly Rated $25K+ potential donors and they aren't done!
Association of Fundraising Professionals
Oregon and SW Washington Chapter

Senior Director for Advancement Services
Oregon State University Foundation
The Pipeline
Oregon State's Method of Prioritization
Three primary components
Surgical Wealth Screenings
Your Resources?
Access to Data


Mark Koenig
The Pipeline
The Pipeline cont.
Defining Engagement
The Future of Prioritization
Predictive Analytics

If Engagement is the What, Where and When, Enthusiasm is the Why
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