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SocialCar presentation

No description

SocialCar Project

on 17 January 2016

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Transcript of SocialCar presentation

Public transport + carpooling + social media crowdsourcing = SocialCar
Public transport + carpooling + social media crowdsourcing
= SocialCar

SocialCar will...
SocialCar will...
What is SocialCar?
Establishing a cooperation culture between authorities, ITS developers, public transport operators and carpoolers
Benefit from a paradigm shift – join our SocialCar Alliance
SocialCar is a research and innovation project that seeks to assimilate carpooling into existing mobility systems by means of powerful planning algorithms and integration of big data from public transport, carpooling and crowd sourcing.
...define data processing flows and design algorithms to match travel requests with the integrated public-private transport supply, complemented by a reputation-based mechanism
SocialCar will...
...design the architectural and logical framework of the service by using open source software under the GNU General Public License.
What is new for citizens?
Current journey planning tools ...
generally do not provide information for multi-modal journeys
often propose options which require multiple public transport interchanges
often propose options which result in long and convoluted multi-leg journeys.
...SocialCar will consider accessing public transport services by a wider variety of modes including car, carpooling/sharing, bike, shared bike, walk, taxi and other on-demand services.
...offer a business and investment strategy for the implementation of SocialCar systems.
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