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Joanna Duron

on 15 March 2014

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1. We believe that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we safeguard its sanctity by being pure in thought, word and deed.
2. We believe in the sanctity of human life and the right of the unborn child.
3. Our gifts, talents and resources are given by God to serve and glorify Him.
4. Marriage is indissoluble and is created by God for love and procreation.
5. Both man and woman have equal personal worth and dignity. God's order for the family is expressed in roles, with husband as head and wife as helpmate.
6. Family life is important in plan of God.
7. The family shares in the life and mission of the Church.
a. Prayers
b. Evangelization
c. Service to others
8. Christian family renewal is best achieved through the power of the Holy Spirit and the full use of all charismatic gifts.
C. The way we relate to God
“If I am not self-reflective is it possible for me to know myself?”
“If I don’t know myself can I possibly lead myself?”
“If I cannot lead myself, how can I possibly lead other people”
We are to be His people, and our lives are to reflect our intimate relationship with Him
We are to live out a common life as "Christians".
More specifically, we are called together in SFC to live out a CULTURE.
sum total of attained and learned behavior patterns of people, regarded as expressing a traditional way of life. It is the sum total of what makes a people what they are
includes a people's beliefs, values, social structures, customs and expressions
is a culture.
Kayans of Burma
Buddhism of China
We ought to be distinguishable from other worldly cultures.
Ours is a way of life inspired by Christ’s own life.
Filipinos have unique traits, but all in all We are Christians
Our Christian Culture in CFC Singles for Christ
1. Our basic Christian beliefs and values are those held in common by all orthodox Christians.
Beliefs: Jesus is Lord, life after death, etc.
Values: What we consider desirable, e.g., loyalty, dependability, dignity of life, etc..
2. In addition, we stress the importance of marriage and family life.

Our "vision and mission" provides the direction and the rationale for our existence
1. SFC Vision – “Every single man and woman all over the world experiencing Christ.”
a. We are to bring singles and families back to the plan of God
b. Our lives will be centered on the fulfillment of this vision
2. SFC Mission – “Building the Church of the Home and Building the Church of the Poor”
a. The family is the creation of God and God wants us to rise in defense of His work
b. God desires that we love and care for the poor.
We are an evangelistic community. We desire to bring Christ and His love to the ends of the earth. Our formation, activities, and goals reflect this desire
Our "statement of philosophy" contains the beliefs and ideals of SFC, which governs our vision and mission

Expressions of Christian Culture in CFC Singles for Christ
a. We are one body, with a common life with brothers and sisters: We do not pursue holiness just individually, but also corporately
b. The HOUSEHOLD is the core of building our lives a body
1. It is a support system that helps us live Christian lives.
2. It is a safe place to be ourselves: broken but trying.
3. It is strong, trusting, and lasting relationships founded in Christ.
4. It is an environment of love. It is where true love is learned and shared.
We meet regularly in the household, with the Lord together with our brothers/sisters.
i. Thus, we should keep our household meetings sacred.
ii. We set the specific days of the month when we meet as a household beforehand so that we can block this off in our calendars.
iii. We do not miss our household meetings except for extreme cases (e.g., sickness) because we know the Lord awaits us and it is there that we can give of ourselves to our brothers/sisters.
c. The teaching nights, assemblies and conferences edify our formation.
i. Avenue for deepening the formation through the teachings and sharing of experiences by brethren
ii. Opportunity to experience the bigger SFC family beyond the household or the chapter in communal worship and prayer.
iii. Members/leaders should not forego the households and just attend these gatherings. The household remains to be the foundation of our relationships and these teachings/assemblies support this foundation.
d. Respect for order and authority in the body
i. We need order and authority for the body to function effectively
ii. The Lord places various people in authority. We are to obey and respect them.
For those in authority, avoid the temptation to hang on to power. A leader’s anointing is not permanent nor irrevocable.
For those who are called to take on leadership roles, do not be afraid. God equips the leaders He chooses.
iii. The order in the body is the same order designed for the family
The SFC structure mirrors the family.
God’s plan and order for the family: headship and submission (Eph 5:22-25)
B. The way we relate to one another.
1. Honor and respect.
a. We treat each one with dignity as a child of God.
b. We are one family, brothers and sisters in the Lord.
2. Loyalty and commitment.
a. We should be loyal and committed to one another and to the body. We are to look out for the good of the other.
b. We should resolve conflicts in the Lord. We avoid taking sides but rather, work towards peace and reconciliation.
3. Christian speech.
a. Our speech is of tremendous importance for the life of the body.
b. We are to avoid slander, gossip and negative humor.
c. Our speech must be gracious.
4. Our goal in the way we relate is to build one another up in love, and to build up the body
A. The way we build our lives as part of a body
1. Prayer - We are to have a daily conversation with God.
2. Scripture -We are to receive wisdom, guidance and life from God's Word.
3. Faith. We are to be men and women of faith.
4. Christian finance.
a. We have a common responsibility to support God's work.
b. We are to make available to the Lord not just our time and our talents, but also our treasure.

A. SFC is one body throughout the world, with one vision, one mission, and also one culture.
B. God wants to create a new humanity, one that would live His life on earth. We are to be witnesses to His work in our lives.
C. Our response will determine the effectiveness of our witness. Our positive response will keep us united and will enable the Lord to use us for His mission.
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