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No description

willman66 .

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Tornado!!

My heart was pumping so hard it felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. Thank goodness I had my ribcage to prevent that. A car, all I needed to find. This was all that my brain would tell me and my adrenaline was racing faster than ever before.
Organ Systems
By: Ryan Wagner and Will Verhoeven
First day on the job
Wall Cloud
As I continued driving I looked at the storm and saw the wall cloud forming and at that moment I felt more butterflies forming because I knew that there would be a tornado.
I saw the funnel cloud forming, and being me I wasn't paying any attention to the road and drove my car right into a mud patch. I was stuck...

My Endocrine system was giving me loads of adrenaline and I was breathing fast. my respiratory system was giving oxygen to all my cells.
The tornado was getting closer. I knew I had to start running or I would die. As I started to run, my nervous, skeletal, muscular, circulatory and respiratory systems were all working in overdrive.
I was running as fast as I could; my heart beating fast, I was breathing fast, and my lungs delivering oxygen to all my cells.
As I kept running, I noticed that there were no cars anywhere. I was scared and I kept thinking, "I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die." My muscles started to ache but I had to go on. If i didn't I would have died.
The running lasted for ever; it felt like my lungs weren't working anymore I had to rest. There was nothing in sight and the tornado was still chasing me. I knew the first day would be dangerous not deathly challenging my nerves muscles bones and my lungs. I finally found a ditch to hide in, I got in and the tornado went over me pebbles were falling on my back it felt like my rib cage would break and cause my lungs and heart to get pelted to death soon I would die.
I knew that to survive I would have to hold my breath but that put a lot of strain on my respiratory system. I couldn't inhale the dust or I would die so I held my breath and survived the tornado. There was a lot of dust and dirt everywhere but eventually I dug out of the ditch. The tornado was gone. A person came to pick me up. He brought me to the hospital. I was there for a few hours then I went home I had survived a tornado.
I felt the butterflies forming in my stomach I knew my nervous system was working.I knew the first storm would either make or break my career as a storm chaser. I started to get in the car. Starting the engine, and the job begins.
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