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Youth Ministry 2018

No description

Davey Hong

on 7 January 2018

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Transcript of Youth Ministry 2018

Sunday Worship
Sunday Youth
Bible Study
Intercessory Prayer Time
Bible Video
Small Group Discussion
High School - Jusang SSN
7th-8th grade - Young SSN
6th - Christina SSN
Small Cloud
Every other Saturday

Youth Ministry
Don't waste your time. Be present.
Focus on the worship and intentionally participate in the service.
Listen well to the sermon. Take notes.
Don't be a customer of worship, but a contributor. Even if you don't feel like it try, and be open to God's presence.
Give to God what he deserves. Practice emptying yourself out for him as he did for you in Jesus.
Be your authentic self.
This is your time to drop your guard and be vulnerable without the fear of judgement or condemnation.
This is the time for you let go something you're dealing with alone and let others carry it with you.
This is a time for silly fun.
This is a time for eating together like Jesus loved to do with his disciples and lonely sinners he met.
Our goal is to make these times a safe 2 hours for you to be accepted where you are and for who you are without fearing rejection.
This is a time for you to be prayed for.
Don't be a customer of Bible study. Be an active participant. Be present in those sessions.
Don't waste your time and try.
If you took notes during the worship service, than you should have some thoughts you have written down...
Respect your youth teachers and help them out by being attentive and receptive.
Try to learn at least one new thing about God.
No, "Maybe" Policy - (NMP)
When I plan something, and I ask you if you are coming or not, the rule is that you give me a firm "no" or a firm "yes." If you say "maybe", I will get mad at you and yell at you. Because this homie don't play that anymore.
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