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Was Magellan Worth Defending?

No description

Ron Gilkey

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Was Magellan Worth Defending?

Magellan DBQ
Was Magellan Worth Defending?
Thesis Statement
Yes Magellan was worth defeending because he was a good leader, he had great navigation skills, he was detrmined, Fearless.
Doc A
The journey lasted for 3 years and the traveled from Spain, to south america, to the philepines , Africa, and last back to spain. And in those 3 years Magellan was able to circumnagigate the the globe. He did this with only his great nagigation skills, that could only be achived from a graet leader.
Who i s Magellan ?
Ferdinadad Magellan was born 1480 and was born in Portugal. He was a student of cartography and astonomy. While In his 40's he planned a trip to sail across the alantic , and find a strait that led him to asia to get spices. He gathered 270 men and insead of sailing to Asia he accidentally sailed around the world.
Doc B
During the journey rations had to be cut back for the winter and " many of the men resntful of this cut and fearing thhat megallan might lead them to their death began to demand that the fleet return to spain. But the fearless leader Magagellan refused. He had confidence that his crew could make the journey and thhat I good Leader trait
Magellan was worth defending because he had marvelous techniques, could live through harsh conditions, and had extreme amounts of courage.
Doc C

Magellan relied on the taste of sewater to guide the fleet. when water became fresher he knew he was traveling inland. What a smart man!!
Doc D
Magellan's crew lived in harsh conditions, even though some died they still pulled through the voyage. They went three months and twenty days without taking refreshmens. This showed that nothing could stop Magellan, even if it meant not eating.
Doc E
Magellan's man goal was to reach the spice islands. He was a courageous man; I describe him as a warrior. He burned a village on Mactan ruled by Chief Lapu Lapu. A battle followed and Magellan was rushed by enemies with sword and he fell dead.
Magellan was worth defending because he had marvelous techniques, could live through harsh conditions, and had extreme amounts of courage and detrmination . He was the first to actually travel across the world and back. Even though he was struck down he was still a great leader.
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