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Tupac's Impact On Society

No description

Alondra Rangel

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Tupac's Impact On Society

Tupac's Impact On Society
Tupac portrayed a lifestyle everyone wanted to have. He had everybody's respect in the music industry, his fans looked up to him, and he always had someone there to support him. He was well liked and respected by many.
Clothing with his image on it or a quote of a song is still being used and his music is still being downloaded. Nobody has forgotten this influential poet because he was such a huge impact to a lot of people.
Tupac's music plays a big role in pop culture. His music was heard by millions of people and has influenced many. The music he wrote was the real deal. He sang about the troubles of growing up with a single parent, having to go threw racism everyday, etc. His music is nothing compared to today's, he became a living symbol of his generation.
Who is Tupac?
Tupac Shakur ,was one of the most influential poets, slash song writers, actors, and much more than that, he was an icon . He influenced a society full of teenagers, adults, and children.
Popular culture is a huge thing in society. People point you out on the way you look, on what you're into, and your lifestyle. It has impacted society in a positive and negative way but its what makes up. Celebrities inspire us, we have someone to look up to, someone to give us an idea on how to dress or topics to talk about it. Tupac has been an impact on society.
In today's world we have rappers, rapping about the most idiotic stuff that has nothing to to with anything. Most of these rappers can't get the attention Pac did because of the message they send, which is why people go back to the old school music. It's something they can relate to and get a good understanding of.
Tupac was a huge impact on society. He influenced teenagers sending them a message insuring them they will be okay, even when they live in a world full of negativity. He always made his fans feel alive and important because he cared about each and everyone of them .
"Brenda's Got A Baby" impacted a lot of people because it's actually a problem in society. We have teenagers having babies at such a young age, we have them selling drugs, prostitution, just to be able to survive and provide for others. Although, they find this to be very easy, they sometimes end up dead because of what they put themselves up too.
"That's not our problem that's up to Brenda's family, well let me show you how it affects a whole community."
There are other celebrities/ rappers that have impacted society. They share the same fans, idea of real music, and the idea of telling their audience what is really going on instead of singing about something to get their minds of whats really happening. Like Tupac, these celebrities also don't want to be a distracting but to attract their fans to whats actually going on in society. Biggie Smalls was one of them.
By: Alondra Rangel
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