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Causes and Effects of the Holocaust

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Lauren Christian

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Causes and Effects of the Holocaust

Causes and Effects of the Holocaust
Loss of Jewish Population
Loss of Jewish Population is one of the effects of the Holocaust. Jewish communities vanished.
Founding of Israel
After World War Two, the Allies realized how terrible the destruction of Jewish communities was. To prevent another Holocaust, England gave Israel to the Jewish people so they would have a homeland to call their own.
Racism is one of the causes of the Holocaust. Before the Holocaust, Jews kept to themselves in isolated communities, causing distrust and racism against Jews in Europe.
World War One
Some effects of World War One are causes of the Holocaust. Germany lost World War One, so an economic depression erupted in the country.
An economic depression is a downturn in a country or economy's overall success.
How many Jews were killed?
An estimated amount of 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust.
How much is that?
90% of the Jews in Poland, Germany, and Austria were killed in the Holocaust.
Economic Depression
An effect of World War One is an economic depression that caused many problems for Germany. They wanted to blame someone for their problems, they blamed the Jews.
Hitler and the Jews
Germany turned to Adolph Hitler because his speeches blamed the Jews for Germany's issues and the people of Germany wanted someone to blame for their problems. Hitler believed in the Aryans, a race of super-beings, and believed that Germany had the strongest Aryan blood and that the Jews kept the Aryans from succeeding. So Hitler tried to get rid of the Jews.
Commitment of the United Nations
The Holocaust's disastrous events opened the eyes of countries in the United Nations to the fact that genocide is a big problem. Genocide is the deliberate killing of a large group of people, usually because they are a certain nation, religion, or ethnic group. All countries of the UN made a commitment to prevent genocide in the future.
The Holocaust
A major part of the Nazi's plan for Europe was to remove Jews from the continent. Jews were attacked, killed, and had their property destroyed and/or stolen. Millions of Jews were put in concentration camps. At the camps, Jews worked as slaves, were shot, starved, and/or gassed to death. The Holocaust was a disastrous event that is truly one of the darkest times in human history.
The world must do everything possible to prevent another Holocaust. The Holocaust killed 6 million Jews, caused Jewish communities to vanish, and caused Jewish population to plummet. And all of that was because these people were Jewish.
Genocide still happens today
and must be stopped to prevent another Holocaust.
By Lauren Christian
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