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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

No description

John Apples

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

When Mr. Utterson went to go visit Jekyll, he met Poole at the door. However, when Mr. Utterson asked Poole where Jekyll was, Poole had no idea. This is yet another thing that add to the theme of mysteriousness in Jekyll's life. Both Jekyll and Hyde seem to disappear a lot during the story.
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

By Liam Mohan, Scott Steinmetz, Jake Zweifler, and Mateo Maturana
House without windows and the strange door.

The house that Mr. Utterson
and Mr. Enfield were walking
by had no windows and the
door had no handle or knocker.
However, in the past Mr. Enfield
has seen a strange man enter and leave the building. This man was none other than Hyde! The chimney of the house is smoking most of the time but there is rarely anyone seen going in and out of the house. This is where the entire novella gets it's eerie nightmarish vibe.

Mr. Hyde's appearence

Mr. Hyde was a very mysterious and unsettling character in the story. He
would just appear, do a horrible sin
and then disappear again. As far as we
know, Hyde never did anything good. In Jekyll and Hyde, Hyde is a symbol for all the evil in the world. At the same time however, without Hyde, the bad things, there would be no Jekyll, the good things.

All possessions of Jekyll went to Hyde

Hyde came out with a check that wasn’t in his name

Hyde kills Sir Danvers Carew with a cane.

Hyde's maid is happy to have him missing

Hyde has never been photographed and has no family

Jekyll wanted to invite Utterson and Enfield, and shut the window

Jekyll locked himself in the cabinet and talked differently

Hyde commits suicide and
Jekyll disappeared

Jekyll is Hyde

Potion turns Dr. Jekyll into
two different people.

In the will of Dr. Jekyll, He had written that all of his possessions would go to Mr. Hyde. As his lawyer and personal friend, Mr. Utter son objected to this. This key to the development of the plot because it connects Dr. Jekyll to the mystery. The fact that everything that Jekyll owns goes to a man who recently trampled a little girl, suggests foul play.
When Hyde is paying the police after his arrest for pushing a little girl, he leaves, and goes into the house with no windows. When he returns, he brings back a check for one hundred pounds in the name of Dr. Jekyll. This event shows that Hyde has Jekyll's money in life as well as after death. This foreshadows the fact that Jekyll and Hyde are one in the same.
When Mr.Utterson and Mr. Enfield walked to Dr.Jekyll's house they were meet with Dr.Jekyll peering out the middle window and had a very low face. The two gentlemen tried to convince Dr.Jekyll to come outside but as usual he resigned from the thought. All of a sudden Dr.Jekylls face turned dark and had a look of terror. He suddenly closed the window and Mr.Utterson and Mr.Enfield were left alone. They both regretted what they did and walked away.
Poole didn't know if Jekyll was home.
A maid is watching out the window and sees Mr. Hyde and Sir Danvers talking. Everything seems pretty normal until all of a sudden, Hyde runs up, and beets him to the ground with a cane, splitting it in half. This is the first time that we have seen that Hyde is capable of murder. This in itself shows the development of Hyde, and that he may have the motive to kill Jekyll himself.
When Mr. Utterson is talking to Hyde's maid, she is happy to hear that Hyde has gone missing after killing Sir Danvers. She also told him that this is a normal thing, and that Hyde had once left in the middle of the night, and hadn't come back for two months. This is very ironic because Hyde is her employer.
Hyde, though being fairly wealthy has never been photographed. This is strange because most wealthy people at that time had at least one picture of themselves or thier family. This makes the situation even stranger because then it seems like Mr.Hyde never existed and there is no proof that he lived because there is no photograph of him.
When Mr.Utterson breaks
down the door he finds that
Mr. Hyde is dead on the floor
so this means that Dr.Jekyll is
missing. Mr.Utterson finds out that Mr.Hyde killed himself. At this point no one knows where Dr.Jekyll is. So it is a mystery.

In his younger days Dr.Jekyll was a very successful doctor but had very bad side of him. He did not accept this so he experimented on different potions and found a substance that could divide his evil side (Mr.Hyde) with his good side (Dr.Jekyll). Therefor still looking like a very successful doctor. This is one of the strangest events in the novel because no one was expecting Dr.Jekyll to be Mr.Hyde.
When Dr.Jekyll wanted to have a bad side and a good side he created a substance that turned him into Mr.Hyde when he wanted to be bad and Dr.Jekyll when he wanted to be good. This is very unnatural because first of all this could never happen in real life and secondly it is strange how Dr.Jekyll even wants to still have a bad or evil side to himself. He put so much effort into this experiment to still want to evil and not be identified.
Mr.Utterson was sitting by the fireplace when suddenly Poole arrives and is deadly frightened. He states that he cant take it no longer about Dr.Jekyll so Mr.Utterson and Poole go to Dr.Jekylls house to examine the situation. At the house Poole directs Mr.Utterson to the cabinet where "Dr.Jekyll" is locked up. Mr.Utterson speaks to Dr.Jekyll and in response Dr.Jekyll crooks some words and says something in a different voice.

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