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Effect of Technology in sport!

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Lewis Rising

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Effect of Technology in sport!

Effect of Technology in Football!
By Lewis Rising
Clothing has changed football massively over the years, it now allows players to increase their performance levels and improve their skills. their are certain pieces of clothing that improves the players performance and skills in a particular part of their game

Clothing- Protection of players
The new technology of clothing has developed in football and sport generally massively. it imporoves the abilities and skills of footballers with the new technology that has come through. it increases the sport particpation and makes the sport more better and more entertaining to watch.
example of personal equipment
a good example of clothing in football that protects players is glasses or goggles that Edgar David wears when he plays. he has Glaucoma which is a disease which effects your eye sight and leads to increased loss of vision, so he is ordered to wear them to protect his eyes when he is playing football.
Personal Equipment
Personal equipment has changed over the years and have had a big impact on football on all levels. all equipment such as Footballs, shin pads, gloves for the goalkeepers and football boots has all changed massively over the years. it all started when technology was coming in to football then more technology of equipment kept coming into football after every season and has carried to where we are now, in the future there will be more and more technology in personal equipment.
Effects of Technology on sport in football!
In this assignment i will be talking about how technology has changed and influenced football in every aspect
The effects of technology in football
examples of personal equipment
there are good examples of personal equipment. one of them are footballs, when football first started they used normal material and they had no effects on the play, but now it is a lot different due to technology taking over. now days footballs are easier to use, footballs are a lot lighter than they use to be, you can now get more spin, power and speed on the ball with all the technology that is in place.
examples of personal equipment
another good example of personal equipment that has been a big part of technology and making it better to use is football Boots. when football boots were first introduced and used in football they were quite heavy and not so easy to run and wasn't the most comfortable footwear out there. but when technology got introduced the football boots became more comfortable to wear, they also became lighter, also football boots are now lower than they once were. football boots increases players performance. there is a disadvantage with the new football boots and that is some players may have higher quality boots than you in which will mean you will be at a disadvantage.
Football Boots now days are quite expensive so some people may be able to afford them but some people may not.

Cameras has made a big impact on football and has helped football as technology has started and developed. the reason why cameras help football is because pundits can analyse and make comments on the football games they just watched, also referees can look back on games and analyse the mistakes they made. the benefits of having cameras is to have a closer and deeper look at the game you have just watched. it can also create jobs for former footballers, the benefits also include pundits analysing the game and even for referee to have a look and analyse his mistakes he made in the game.
Freeze Frames
Freeze frames is part of cameras but freeze frames is where you can freeze part of the incident and have a closer look at that specific incident. the benefits of freeze frames is to freeze an incident so they can have a closer look and may see something they didnt see when the game was being played live as the play may have been to fast to tell what really happened.
Drug testing equipment
Drug testing is a way to find out if any footballers or sporting athletes is using and taking illegal drugs or substances to gain an unfair advantage over other competitors. they use drug testing equipment to find out with any footballers or athletes have been using them and if they are found guilty they will face a lengthy ban. with how technology is today, Drug testing equipment is more structured and is easier to find out who is trying to get a unfair advantage on everyone else and to ban them. technology has improved in making drug testing equipment more reliable and trust worthy. the benefit of this is that it makes the sport fair and gives the sport a good reputation.
Video analysis
video analysis has developed massively since the introduction of technology. players can look back on their performance and look at the positives and also look at the things that they need to improve. the benefits of this is that managers and coaches can look back at the games and look at the aspect of his team game and look at the positives and look at the things that needs improving, this can also help as the manager prepare for the next game

computer game application
computer game applications are computer games like Fifa and pro evolution soccer that are played on consoles such as the xbox 360, xbox one, playstation 3 and playstation 4. these games has been created to help us know the rules of football and to get us to understand the aim of the game and to understand how the game works. the benefit of this is that it helps people learn about the game by using these football and sports games, it also increases the knowledge of the sport. there is a negative of this and that is people might rather stay indoors and play on these football games rather than get out there and participate in football clubs which will decrease particpation in that sport.
Lactate threshold training
Lactate threshold training is where an athlete starts to fatigue after training. the benefits of this is that the athlete can improve their overall fitness and prevent from fatiguing so quick after training.
Blood Lactate testing
Blood lactate testing is the calculator for lactate threshold training. when you train you will improve your lactate threshold training. this is calculated by a finger prick at an increase of exercise. not everyone will be able to afford this as the equipment is very expensive.
Hyperbaric Chambers
Hyperbaric Chambers is a long tube where people and get in and get out of it it also is a breathing gas supply that increases your internal air pressure.
the use of this is to prevent decompression sickness and is also useful for treating breathing disorders and difficulties.
the benefits of this is to help people with decompression sickness and disorders.
internet linked data transfer from personal products
internet linked data transfer from personal products is where we are allowed to transfer data to and from our persona device or the web from certain computer programmes.
the use of this is to.
Fluorescent garments
Fluorescent garments is realy bright clothing that athletes use if they train in the dark.
the uses of this is if people want to do running in the dark for example then people will be able to see them clearly.
Fluorescent garments are more than affordable and is easy to pick up.
the benefits of this is that anyone can do training at anytime during the day even at night as everyone will be able to clearly see them in dark if they are wearing fluorescent clothing.
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