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"Oranges" By: Gary Soto

No description

Desiree Cortez

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of "Oranges" By: Gary Soto

By: Gary Soto

Visual Structure
Background Info
Time period: A cold December Night

Poetic Movement: Contemporary

Historical content: Autobiographical
Throughout the poem there are only few instances wear sound comes into play in Soto's poetry. Gary only uses it too make a point. Such as "Light in her eyes, a smile starting at the corners of her mouth..". Is an example of Euphony because of the way he uses the L, S and M to make it sound more lovely dovey.
Figurative language
Simile- "Tiered like bleachers"

Metaphor- "I peeled my orange That was so bright against The gray of December"

Synecdoche/Metonymy- "I fingered A nickel in my pocket"

Metaphor- "That, from some distance, Someone might have thought I was making a fire in my hands"

Simile- "Fog hanging like old Coats between the trees"

In this poem Soto talks about his first love as a adolescent. The poem is all about love and that warm gooey feeling that you have for someone when the relationship is just starting to flourish. Throughout the poem he uses descriptive words in order to point out the world around him and his emotions towards it. Whats neat about Soto's writing is that he throws his own experience and his background into his poetry to make it beautiful. In the poem he boy tries to buy chocolate for his girlfriend, but quickly realizes he doesn't have enough money to pay for it. So instead of telling her no he gives the saleslady all that he has. Which is a nickel and an orange to pay for a 10 cent candy.
Gary Soto
Gary Soto was born on April 12, 1952 and raised in the slums of Fresno, California. He did not work hard in school in fact his GPA when he graduated was a 1.6.

At first Gary went to school to study geology but after finding a book on poetry in the college library he became so infatuated that he quickly changed his major in English.

He has been married for 33yrs to his wife Carolyn, and they have a daughter, Mariko.

Soto has written all kinds of poetry for young children and adults but also fiction, plays and short films.

Since he was a hispanic who grew up in the slums of California a lot of his poetic inspiration come from his childhood, upbringing, and his everyday life.

The Elements of San Joaquin
is his first and most famous book of poems.

1 stanza
No Line division
No rhyme scheme
No internal/end rhyme
Oranges: By Gary Soto is written in
Free Verse
Another example would be "Beneath my steps, my breath Before me.." Soto uses Consonance to exaggerate and enunciate the way he was walking to his girlfriends house to the reader.





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