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Sam Buemi

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Utilitarianism-Ch4

Suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge
Should a Barrier be built
to prevent suicides?
What is torture?
Is it every justified?
Do the ends justify the means?
Jeremy Bentham
John Stuart Mill
Utilitarianism Founded By:
Morals - basis for law
Pain/Pleasure Principle
Principles of Utility
"Greatest Happiness Principle"
The option that gives greatest unit of happiness
Utilitarians (teleological) meaning it stresses the end goal.
The Intrinsic Good: Pleasure or Happiness
Even if we choose the best results,
How do we know the consequences are good?
Seek Pleasure/Avoid Pain
Does Fame Provide Happiness
is Intrinsic
Varying Degrees of Happiness
So, How do we Calculate Pleasure?
Keep In Mind,
Utilitarianism is Not EGOISTIC
Its Complex
Its difficult to measure

Ends & Means
We ought to maximize happiness
Do the ends really justify the means?
Act- actions based on the act
Rule-actions based on the rule
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
2 Types of Utilitarianism
When is okay to cheat?
ACT Utilitarianism-
when justified

Rule Utilitarianism
Never or Always

Remember Rule Utilitarianism
is based on A "RULE OF THUMB"
Contemporary Theories
Preference -
the act that best satisfies most preferences
the policy that is
least costly
1,300 Dead!
Some pleasures more
valuable than others
Utilitarianism- Generally Considered absolute, not relative
Cost is NOT
included when measruing happiness.
Promotes Utility - Not pleasure
Is it acceptable if it saves a soldier?
What moral reasoning permits this?
Supporter of liberty
Bad choices better than Gov't coercion
Original utilitarians were progressive . . . and optimistic.
Instrumental Goods
"A sacrifice which does not increase
or tend to increase the sum total of happiness, considers as wasted" - Mill
Quality or Quantity? Bentham & Mill had different opinions
Bentham - some pleasures better than others
The Results
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