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New Hire Onboarding

No description

Dirk Sorenson

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of New Hire Onboarding

New team members are overwhelmed with the content being shared in our current on boarding process, much of which is not immediately applicable.
Establish differentiation (
create excitement
Eliminate unnecessary duplication (
be efficient
Provide info and training when it’s needed (
Deliver accurate content at the right level (
avoid detail without context
Deliver information and training in a way that engages and enables retention (
create connection
Current State
Team Member Orientation
Relocation Questions/1-9s
Confidential Information/ HR Forms
Continuing Education Program
Core Values/Company Overview
Performance Management (workplans, WE)
EEO Commitment/Harassment-Free Workplace, Workplace Violence Prevention
Lunch with Management Team Member
PC Account Set-Up for New Hires and Information Security
Collect Paperwork, Meet with Department Rep
I made the right choice!
Core Values and Culture
Connection to their team
Benefits & Wellness program
IM Flash made the right choice!
Safety Expectations (Live Safe)
General performance expectations
Job expectations
Quality expectations
New Hire Onboarding
Fab Dept Orientation
New Hire Training
Introduction / Fab Structure / Roles​
Fab Safety/Hazcom by: ESHS
Mfg. Overview / Mfg. Video
Cleanroom Protocol Training
FOUP / AMHS Overview
Copper Awareness
Scrap / Quality
Fab & Probe Tour
Job Overview/Shift Expectations
Outlook, OCMs and IM​
Computer Settings & Introduction to Learn
Independent Work in Learn
ETI - Tool Naming​ - Equipment States -ETI Logging Scenarios​
Independent Work in Learn
Lot Numbers and MES Fab Tracking​
MDM (overview) exposure
ECN/EDM Inbox/Doc Fundamentals​ ​
Independent Work in Learn
Independent Work issues/items​​
Data Navigator​
Toolview Overview​
Independent Work​
Production: Development Trainer Meet-up​
Production: Meet a Manager
Technician/Engineer Hazardous Energy - Live Course
Technician/Engineer Fall Protection - Live Course
SPC Fundamentals
Independent Work​
DTS & Klarity
Area Intro & Pick-Up (if applicable)
Problem Statement

What we do here is awesome!
Site, fab and area tours
Manufacturing overview
Applications and products
Primary Differences
Relevant content for all new hires
Early connection to peers
Delivery mode (videos and tours vs. PPTs)
Family inclusion
What are the 3 things we want new team members to know by Friday?
Benchmarking with
Micron Corporate
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