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littlest pet shop

No description

Palmer Elementary

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of littlest pet shop

littlest pet shop
there are lots of vids on you tube
my favrote vid on youtube is lps popular by shophiegirltv or shophiegrattet she is relly popular all the lps tubers know about her look her up
old lps vs. new
now that you know about old lps the last step is to think old lps or new to stop the new lps call hasbro now and make a vidon youtube and say how much you hate them

my favorite lps is...
a light brown wenner dog she has red stripes down her ears i named her savvy. she is really pretty i could die over her.
the maker is...
hasbro i love them they make my little pony, lalaloopsy and lps. they used to make cute lps but now they make new ones and trust me they are ulgy. i belive hasbro should bring back the old lps
my least favorite lps is
a really ugly new lps i hate it so much i have ripped its head off. never buy it or else you will regret it. it has blue stars on it it is white it has a blue tail with a bow it come with a purple horse it also is a new lps do not buy it
some pictures
where to find them
if you want new lps go to any toy toys r us store if you want old lps eBay just to let you know they are pretty expense
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