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positive and negative effects of cars

No description

Jw3sp Jw3sp

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of positive and negative effects of cars

Car's negative, positive and how to reduce the Co2
level By Jesse and Jacob cars have many negative effects as they have positive
and here's a few positive effects cars allow us to go to far away places
in a short amount of time

cars also allow us to go far with out
having to book it across streets and risk
lifes besides transporting us they
transport food too so it doesn't go bad but there's still some serious negative effects that
do some damage Pollution of Co2

Higher demand of fossil fuels that are not available
to us

Pollution is forced because cars need roads which
need chemicals and pollute our earth cars have many ways to reduce emission a way to reduce emission is to shut off your
vehicle when you are waiting for a reason

another way is to use more right turns becauseright turns have no red lights so that does not waste

also you could get a electric car instead because
they have reusable energy instead of a one time use
:D good bye good bye good bye
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