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Qahera + FEMEN

No description

Christina Ivey

on 8 March 2018

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Transcript of Qahera + FEMEN

• “global women’s issues”

• collapsing “women”

• collapsing “issues”

• “better naked than a burqa”

Nagarajan, 2013

Topless Protester
and the
Super Hejab

Qahera + FEMEN
• Created in 2012 by Deena Mohamed

• Misogyny, Sexual harassment, and “White Savior” ideologies

• Inspired by strong women she sees

• Originally meant to teach young girls, now to reach others with the message

• Created in 2008 by Inna Shevochenko

• “global women's movement...the scandal famous organization of topless women activists, who defend with their breasts [the] sexual and social equality in the world”

• “You should not show your body like that; you should use it to protest and fight.”

“any practice establishing a relation among elements…"
(Lacleau and Mouffe, (p. 105, cited in DeLuca, 1999, p. 335)
“What sense can I make of that rage now?
What good does it do us to recall it, to try to make sense of it?”
(Flannery, 2001, p. 114).
Traditional vs. Hidden
Epistemic Violence
“the construction of a self-immolating colonial subject for the glorification of the social mission of the colonizer” (Spivak, 1999, p. 127)
Hidden Polemics and Contemporary Feminism
Space for Discussion, Questioning, and Transformation
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