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Delivering Authentic Arts Education

Kate Mowat future teacher

Kate Mowat

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Delivering Authentic Arts Education

Kate Mowat
Future teacher of Authentic Arts Education I consider myself to be bright, warm, kind, and friendly with a sense of humour and a positive attitude. I believe that every person has choices with which come consequences. This benefits my students.... Personality In this way I aim to develop trust through caring in order to establish a community of learners where every person feels safe to explore and learn. My students will understand consequences and be exposed to a multitude of choices, ultimately being shown that they are capable of achieving success. Respectful, courteous, empathetic, patient. Manner This benefits my students.... Develop trust through taking interest, valuing contributions and learning about individual strengths and needs. Communicating with parents/caregivers, teachers and community to build a rapport in order to benefit student learning. Arts and cultural interests (participation/audience) I adore music concerts and enjoy country rock and many styles of music. Listening to singing and music is a passion. For me, music can close cultural gaps, evoke memories, draw emotions and provides an outlet for expression. I enjoy adult jazz/hip hop lessons which provides fun, exercise and requires co-ordination and opportunity to step outside my comfort zone. This benefits my students.... By reporting on new experiences I model to my students that teachers also experience learning and that this is positive. By bringing our interests into our learning we use our strengths to create meaning and relevance. This motivates us to explore deeper, think creatively and develop arts appreciation which enriches our learning. Arts Skills As a child I danced for 15 years, following which I taught line dancing and enjoyed singing lessons. My love of taking photos at an amateur level and manipulating these using graphic software to produce powerful movies to look back upon interests me. This benefits my students.... I bring skills in some areas of the arts, I bring teaching skills, and I bring the ability to learn from my students and their experiences and from my community and colleagues. In this way I aim to be a strong and reliable leader open to learning together and allowing students to construct their own knowledge. Energy and work ethic Committed, passionate, intrinsically motivated. This benefits my students.... Being physically and mentally active demonstrates to my students that I want to be there in the classroom with them. I return from weekends having discovered new ideas or resources that align to their topic and follow up on any experiences they may have to share. Enthusiasm and interest Being passionate about education means enthusiasm and interest come naturally. When students are motivated and engaged I will be naturally drawn to assist and seek out further resources to guide and develop their enthusiasm regardless of specific working hours. I believe teaching is a life passion and not just a job. When students are not responding, I am further challenged to appeal in new innovative ways. In this way I model enthusiasm and interest for my own learning and for my students learning to communicate a unified team spirit and belief in them as learners. This benefits my students.... Organisational skills Simple systems ensure that I can be successful as I do not function well in disarray. Filing, storing and routine systems allow me to feel comfortable to focus on the job at hand.
Having a planned ‘toolbox’ of instruction within each lesson plan allows for flexibility during class to adapt to student needs. This benefits my students.... At times Arts Education may appear chaotic, however as a result of my systems this will be ‘organised chaos’. In this environment students may express themselves as the task requires, while doing so in a safe and orderly manner. The environment is flexible enough to allow for creativity and change when students take the task in another direction whilst remaining aligned to learning objectives. Systems are in place that allow for equipment to be stored neatly, which demonstrates respect and avoids clutter. Packing up routines which assume student responsibility will assist in time management and promote development of self efficacy. Management skills Within all environments a well managed area breeds success. There is mutual understanding for conduct and in this way everyone can focus on the job required. This benefits my students.... In the classroom this may be achieved by setting rules together, taking responsibility for our own actions and being consistent in its positive enforcement. Inventiveness I believe I am a creative thinker and empathetic when developing ideas. This benefits my students.... By knowing my students interests and strengths I will align curriculum requirements to topics that aim to engage and appeal. In this way intrinsic motivation for their own learning aims to be achieved and result in the instrumental benefits of being effective learners and contributors. Professionalism A paramount concern which resonates from the underlying responsibility to my students. I aim to continue learning as a teacher and make active and positive contributions to society. This benefits my students.... Personal conduct and appearance representative of a role model of society, demonstrating respect and courtesy.
Always self reflecting on how my every decision aligns to benefit student learning and whether change and new direction is required.
Immersion in self development through professional development, collaboration and maintained interest in local and world events. Visits to arts exhibitions, concerts, theatre, and maintaining strong ties to community in order to collaborate and bring meaningful experiences to the students aligned to learning objectives.
Encouraging sustainability through seeking recycled and non-toxic products and instilling recycling waste practices. Understanding of
authentic arts education The Arts often require stepping out of your individual comfort zone in order to express yourself therefore it is essential that my students feel safe. I aim to model this behaviour by singing, moving, acting, engaging in tasks with confidence to express that effort equates to success. The program provides meaningful learning objectives aligned to curriculum framework promoting active rather than passive learning experiences. This benefits my students.... Through classroom management, a safe and trusting environment aims to be established and maintained between peers and teacher. The ‘perfect’ end product is not necessarily the objective, more the learning journey which must promote development and learning for every student. Work does not merely occupy time, it is structured and well planned whilst flexible enough to apply to topics of interest and meaning to students. Capacity to work with open-ended learning structures The ability to teach to a classroom of students who are developing at various levels challenges me to ensure lesson plans cater for individuals. This benefits my students.... In this way expectations are high for every student and challenge individuals whilst remaining attainable. Providing explicit instruction on seeking resources and applying strategies aim to ensure each student feels they can succeed when they put in effort. Flexible lesson plans allow for student input during experiences that may take the class along a new path to meet the learning objectives and encourage individual interpretation and construction of meaning. My responsibility to deliver
authentic arts education To the observer, the delivery of authentic arts education may appear like play, fun and time filling. However, the trained expert will understand that watching creative minds engage in tasks that challenge and intrinsically motivate are experiencing something powerful.

Through authentic arts education, whether directly or integrated through the curriculum within the classroom, my aim as teacher is to ensure individuals reach their full potential.

In order to achieve this I aim to focus on individual strengths, develop an environment based on trust, respect and caring, and provide clear expectations. Pride can not necessarily be taught, however opportunities may be provided in order that feeling proud may be discovered and experienced. This is my vision. Cultural background A proud Australian, my traditions are birthdays, Christmas, Easter. I am passionate about the diverse lifestyle and varied landscape of our country and the opportunities we have available as such. This benefits my students.... Being part of a multi-cultural society opens a world of opportunity. Consideration of other traditions in the classroom allows us to learn that diversity offers richer learning experiences, whilst connecting and fulfilling belonging needs.

A classroom calendar of important unique cultural events may be utilised to develop integrated inquiry based themes which utilise community members and parents/caregivers as mentors to enhance the program in order to engage all students.
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