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bow and arrow vs french musket

No description

Tony Miguel

on 4 October 2018

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Transcript of bow and arrow vs french musket

Bow and arrow
The bow was made out of flexible wood and connected with string. The arrow head was made out of stone or bones they were feathered and barbed. One bow could take a month to make. The bows were long range it could shoot up to 200 yards and it was really accurate. They could shoot every 3-4 seconds.

The end

It measured 44 3/4 inches 60 inches and weighed 10 pounds. The musket has a .69 caliber. Uses black powder. Also includes a bayonet. It was not that accurate. used musket balls.
Bow and Arrow vs French Musket
By: Tony Miguel
Both bows and muskets are good weapons back then they are both unique in different ways.
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