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1947 Roswell Incident

No description

Nicholas Stephens

on 25 May 2017

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Transcript of 1947 Roswell Incident

Rancher Mack Brazel came upon suspicious debris and trenches from some sort of crash in July 1947. After taking some of the debris and showing it to his neighbors, he reported his findings to the sheriff who reported it to Major Jesse Marcel. Marcel and a crew went and collected the debris, leaving Marcel to take the debris to his home. His son, Jesse Marcel Jr., recalled (under hypnosis) the debris' weird shapes and purple writing. The Army Air Forces later announced the finding of a flying disk, only to later claim it to be from a weather balloon. A theory also circulates that a local mortician, Glenn Dennis, was told by an army nurse (who later disappeared) that alien bodies were recovered

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Visual #1
Visual #2
Visual #3
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1947 Roswell Incident- Nick S 3A
The Roswell Incident occurred in 1947, the first year of the infamous Civil War. This year was also famous for the announcing of the Truman Doctrine, giving aid to both Greece and Turkey against communist takeover. This did not sit well with the Soviets.
The debris found in the fields of Roswell, New Mexico were from an alien spacecraft, and we later replaced by debris from an air balloon. Also, some believe alien bodies were recovered by the US government.
The Situation
Jones, Kim. "Top 10 Roswell Alien And UFO Secrets." Proof Of Aliens Life. N.p., 16 Mar. 2016. Web. 22 May 2017.
Major Marcel and General Ramsey
Theorists believe that the real debris was replaced with pieces of a weather balloon in this picture.
Source #1
Bessie Schreiber is the daughter of Mac Brazel, the rancher who reported his debris findings. When her father Mac brought some debris home, he has Bessie help him put it into large sacks. When asked Bessie stated that "The debris looked like pieces of a large balloon which had burst.". She also argued that the debris in the controversial picture does look like the debris her father brought home.
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